Saturday, February 11, 2012

one step forward...

...two steps back.

Just when I think we've got everyone on the road to recovery, BAM! I've come down with laryngitis - I think - actually I don't really know what I have but I have no voice at all and it hurts to talk. The littles are finally on the mend. We've had one or both littles sick for the past month. On and off, on and off, on and off. Spring, where are you??!?

Okay, okay, okay, that sounds like an awful lot of complaining. Sorry for the rambling. In honor of Valentine's Day this week, let's talk about some of what I'm lovin' these days...

Ooooh, I sure am crushin' on this year's Matilda Jane spring line!! Seriously cute.
This was Grace dressed to go to a birthday party this afternoon. The party that is TOMORROW but for which we showed up TODAY. HA!

Funny thing is, we weren't the only ones!! Two other moms did too! So we turned it into a mini playdate at a local indoor play place, one with a coffee shop {genius!}.
First thing Grace said when I told her we had the wrong day..."but I STILL want to wear this (tomorrow)." What can I say, she loves what she loves!!♥bloop, bloop fish♥
Hudson made this cute fish at MDO on Thursday {I think he had a little help, but I love it all the same!}. As soon as I walked in the door he handed it to me and said, "fow you, Mama! I made dis fow you." Soooo cute! I LOVE it, Hudson!!
You know what else I love? How he's really into puzzles these days and he's getting pretty good at them too!♥Abraham Lincoln♥
The little pumpkin's teachers sure do make learning fun. I don't know how they do it, but what I know is that even when I ask Grace about a subject they studied weeks ago, she remembers so much. I have to think it's all the fun interactive projects they do while they're learning about each topic.
♥Hair Pretties♥
I got home from work one day this week and Noonie surprised me with this cute head wrap!
This one is a little different from the other style we've made before...the flower on this one is fluffy and sort of poofy, meant to fray a bit, instead of sewn flat on the band. I like them both ways. And I love that this one matches Grace's owl dress we made last year!♥woof woof pants♥
That's what Hudson calls these cute pj pants Noonie made for him.
We love when you're in a sewing mood, Noonie! ThAnK yOu!!! :)♥from the heart♥
Grace was so excited to give Noonie the valentine she made for her & Papa J!
{Mimi: close your eyes, don't peek! She wanted to give you yours on Valentine's Day since you'll be here that day!!}
♥do unto others♥
It really warmed my heart to see how sweet Grace was to Isabella, who joined her class this week. She kept including her and asking her to slide down with her on their field trip to a jumpy jump place on Friday.
Grace has such a sensitive soul {and a STRONG will...a dangerous combination some days!}, I've seen her time and time again reaching out to others to make them feel part of a ballet, at swimming, at school. She has a way to sense when someone needs a buddy and she never hesitates to reach out. I can't help but think that God is going to use these traits in a mighty way someday. I can't wait to see!♥polka dots♥
You can never go wrong with polka dots. Especially in pink, red, and aqua. *wink*

For T's little girl...
For M's little guy...♥zzzzzz's♥
I can't remember the last time I slept 12 hrs. straight, but last night, I sure did!! Most of my creative work comes in at night after the littles are in bed and it sure does cut down on those zzzz's, but last night at 8p I was out like a rock. So thankful for the hubby who's a morning person and gets up with the littles every Saturday! That's love right there.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Virginia said...

Hope you get to feel better soon. Enough of everyone getting sick with this warm again then cold again weather! Spring...where are you ???
Love all the spontaneous pictures.Those make for the best memories.
And regarding my sewing... you know I LOVE sewing for Grace and Hudson. I'm glad they are enjoying the PJ's that I recently made (the cars one for H and the "twirly" nightgown for G).
Grace: Papa J and I LOVE the Valentine that you made for us! It is beautiful!

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