Friday, February 3, 2012

little bits of happy...

...because I'm excited about Valentine's Day,
but my one true love will always be Spring!

You had me at hello...


You too...And even you...So many projects!

Now, if I could only finish the stitching on Hudson's love bug shirt!!

{fingers crossed for this weekend!}


Amber said...

Grrr....I have been checking her shop for new things and missed this one :) Love it! I didn't buy the other dress b/c it didn't have pink and thought R would refuse to wear it. Love the peasant even more!

Love the pink fabric. I have looked at the bunny fabric every time I go shopping in Amish Co. They have had it on clearance forever. Wish I knew so I could have picked you up some.

Jessica said...

Awwww...that's too sweet! Thanks for offering! I paid $5.50 for 1 yard so not too bad. I want to go shopping in Amish Co! Sounds fab!!

Amber said...

The food is even better!!!! I have been craving it since going last Friday :)