Saturday, February 18, 2012

our week in random pics

1. Birthday invites...mailed/delivered! Woo hoo!2. Cutest little {chubby} piggies...although I have no clue why he likes to wear one shoe on, one shoe off????3. Hudson ranked his favorite movies...we sure have watched our fair share of these movies the last couple of weeks...4. Because we've had far too many days like's so hard on a mama's heart when the littles are sick :(5. Luckily we've also had some good days and we've even snuck in a couple of mid-week, impromptu lunch dates...6. We celebrated a special birthday...Happy 35th, hon!7. This little Christmas gift has sure come in handy...out of all the games, the little pumpkin's favorite: drawing, of course!8. I love this little racoon! LOVE!9. One of my favorite moments this week...all 4 of us piled up in Grace's room playing legos-n-lalaloopsies all at the same time.10. Two birthdays, Valentine's Day, and an anniversary...WOW!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mimi & Pop!!!
Happy Birthday, Papa J!!!



Anonymous said...

Raccoon is wonderful!I fell in love! Grace!You are very talented girl!

Virginia said...

Love the raccoon! It is amazing how she captured his expression!
Do we have an artist in the making???

Anonymous said...

Those birthday invites look so cute!
The second picture makes me smile. I love his little piggies:)