Thursday, February 2, 2012

happy groundhog day!

Is this not the cutest little groundhog, or what??! Hudson came home from MDO today carrying this cute little groundhog puppet - love it! Seriously, one of the highlights of my day is always seeing what's in the littles' backpacks. Sure makes my heart happy and always makes me say a little prayer of gratitude for the amazing teachers both are blessed with.Speaking of school...the little pumpkin tested for kIndErgARTen this morning!!! I know! I can't believe I'm about to have a 5 year old AND a kindergartener come next Fall!!! Aaaaaaaah! She was so excited this morning! And maybe a little nervous??? She woke up BY HERSELF at 6:10 a.m. and the little pumpkin is a BEAR to wake up in the mornings. Yes, she hibernates soundly and would sleep-in every day if she could {takes after her mama!}.The test was kind of a big deal. The school we are looking at is ultra competitive with very limited spots. So glad the testing is now over - whew!...but now we just sit and wait...until MID-APRIL! Anyone have a time machine I can borrow? he he he

On a more serious note, tHanK YoU to everyone that prayed with us that Grace would do her very best! Grace, we know you tried your very best and we are so proud of you! Always!

Grace's requests this morning: 1. to wear the lipgloss her friend Julia gave her for valentine's day last year; and 2. to wear her super girly pink, flowery shoes. Check. Check.

Oh my, these two are quite a pair! The little pumpkin's recital choreography this year is a tap number to "I like to move it, move it" from Madagascar. Yesterday at ballet, they added another segment to the dance with some hip-hop moves to "I'm jumpin' on the flo' ", she had me rolling!! Of course, as soon as we got home she had to show the moves to her Daddy and brother and now well, you can see who is having a good 'ole time with it!!So super silly, but oh, so loveable!It's beginning to look a lot like............................................ Valentine's!!!Yes, we are excited and have started adding little bits of pink + red {and aqua blue...shhhh} + hearts all throughout the house...Noonie came bearing valentine gifts yesterday so I went ahead and gave her the little something I had gotten for her too...a cute Brighton heart bracelet that just made me think of her from the first moment I saw it - she liked it Yay!This Little Kitchen cookbook Noonie gave me is too cute! I can't wait to try out some of the recipes with the littles - they LOVE "helping" me in the kitchen!!It's no secret that I *may* have a mild obsession with the littles' clothing choices, which is easy peasy when it comes to the little pumpkin but oh, so hard when it comes to Hudson. I just don't find as many cute little boy clothes...and don't even get me started on all the ridiculous skulls & bones plastered designs there are for little boys these days - Aaaaah!

So, I'm super excited about Matilda Jane's new boys' line: The Good Ones! I've been a fan of their girly line and their Mighty Acorns boys' line since Grace was a toddler.And oh my, speaking of...........{Serendipity}...SWOON! Probably my favorite Matilda Jane collection of all time!So with that....................................................................................I hope you find all kinds of little unexpected ways to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you!


Kelli said...

My baby is starting kindergarten this fall as well....where did the time go?? Love your Valentine banner!

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Love your valentine banner! Is it a printable? For sale? I'd love to make it! Thanks!

Jessica said...

I bought the v-day banner from Michael's last year - it was pretty cheap! I planned to change the ribbon but never got around to it and well, it's now year 2 and still, same ribbon - Ha!

I think they have a similar one this year too!

Olivia said...

Good luck to Grace! We are going through kind of the same thing except that we are hoping to get my 5 year old Izzy into a local charter school, all by lottery! Good thing is there are two locations nearby we have applied to, by thing is that one of the school has about 4000 applications for all their grade levels! :( Waiting until beginning of April will have me on pins and needles. Lots of prayers for both girls!

And just have to say I absolutely love what you put Grace in and I too have gone crazy with this spring's Serendipity line!