Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Louis, the Love Bug + Valentine 'Bots

Pinterest came through again! When I saw {this} pinned, I knew it would be perfect as a valentine for Hudson to give his Mother's Day Out buddies. We still had a sheet of valentine labels from last year, so this was super easy and so inexpensive!Of course, the moment the little pumpkin saw them put together she said, "But I like robots too......" Siblings!{Note: the laffy taffy may not be the best choice for little ones - just FYI - you can decide for yourself! At Hudson's MDO, all party favors get sent home for parents to decide what they want their littles to eat, so no worries here.}

I finally finished the stitching on Hudson's love bug valentine shirt this weekend. Meet Louis, the Love Bug...
Hudson is fascinated with Louis' eyes...uh oh, poor Louis.
{These are triple stitched with embroidery thread for safety, but small buttons may present a choking hazard for wee ones - just wanted to put that out the soapbox now.}
All ready for school this morning...
{and maybe a wee bit jealous of all the pics I was taking of Hudson?}
And then..............Hudson, are you sure you don't feel good?Yes, the coughing won - Boo :(
Poor little fella all dressed up and nowhere to go.But......does he look sick to you??? Silly monkey!Those eyes again............................................And yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for being officially registered for K-3 come Fall!
I seriously think the preschool / elementary school madness is out of control around here! :O



Amanda said...

Those robots are adorable!!!!!

Lisa said...

You simply amaze me!!! I love your blog and look at it weekly. I was out at Books-A-Million this past week and saw they had a valentine book of reproduced vintage valentines for $4.99. I thought of you!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!

Lisa! We had one of those a couple of years back (from Target) and I've been looking ever since for another one! Off to check BAM! THANKS!!!!!

Heatherlou said...

The robots are super cute! Do you have a printable tag?!?

Jessica said...

Sorry, just now seeing this!! I purchased the tags from here:

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