Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hudsonisms and other random bits...

Celebrating George Washington's birthday...
But, why aren't you smiling??
Maaama! George Washington didn't open his mouth to smile because he had fake teeth made out of elephants' tusks and gold.
Girl Scout in the making...
How many can I sign you up for, Noonie??Future architect?
3D structures...part of Construction Zone unit at school this week...
Friday treats...
{we missed you, Noonie!!!}
Oh, sweet Hudson! I love the little things you say. I don't want to forget them, so here's a short list of some of the most recent...
"No, I no-ot" {in a little sing-song voice when you don't want to do something}
"mayme" {maybe}
"I love collar bears" {polar bears}
"deebee deebee" {DVD}
"farties" {smarties}
As soon as I turn the lights out at night..."Sing prayers, mama. Put my cover on. Put my blankie on. Pleeeeeaaase." Yes, 'sing' not say. Your cover is your fuzzy blue and brown polka dot blanket, not to be confused with any of your other blankets. You are so cuddly - I love that!

And my most favorite..."I lot{love}you mama.with all my heart.Jesus in my heart."...all together and always in that sequence.

Love you my sweet boy!

Happy belated birthday, Papa J!!
It doesn't happen often, but Lance and I both had to be out of town on the same two days this week. THANK YOU NOONIE for taking care of the littles!!!!

And THANK YOU PAPA J & NOONIE for taking Grace and Hudson to the park and to lunch! They had soooooooo much fun {and are taking great naps now - HA!} Lance and I loved catching a matinee today! Woo hoo!



Virginia said...

Glad you two had an escapade to the movies. We had a blast with the kids at the park and at lunch. And the 2 days/one night I spent with them... more wonderful memories !
Love Grace's 3-D little house... with a chimney !

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