Tuesday, March 27, 2012

potty training...what potty training?!? {spring break part I}

I had grand intentions of potty training Hudson during Spring Break. He's almost there, but we haven't made the official move to big boy underwear 100% of the time. I planned on an abbreviated potty training boot camp like we did with Grace. But the blue skies, gorgeous sunshine, and dare I say breezy weather (it is the South, after all) had different plans. So we opted for playing in the park instead. Good choice, Good choice...yup, that's what I keep telling myself! Had we been honkered down in the middle of potty training survival we would have missed the opportunity for an impromtu picnic with Noonie... Yes, even if it was Sonic take-out - Ha!
{I'm lovin' the new Picasa editing tools by the way...}
I would have missed these sweet, sneak-attack, squeeeezy hugs in the middle of our dining al fresco...I would have missed these two sweet littles exploring hand in hand...So the potty can wait. I'll only have this little bit of
"two-ness" for just a short while. June is just right around the corner and my baby boy will then be three. Today I'm embracing the diapers and pull-ups. I love you my sweet Hudson and I promise we'll get to those big boy underoos soon enough.

You know what else I love?? Of course I love the little pumpkin too...that goes without saying...but I love this sweet sundress made out of vintage tea towels! I bought it a couple of years ago at an art fair and Grace is finally old enough to fit it! LOVE! More of those wAckY editing!If you happen to be on Spring Break, hope you're having a super fun week! {and even if you're not, hope you're having a great week too!!!}

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Que vestido mais querido! Adorei! Adoro seu blog! Beijos