Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sea World {2012}

This past weekend we went to San Antonio to see Jammie & Xavier get married. Since we were already there...............we decided to surprise the littles and take them to
Sea World!

I don't know what it is but my littles are fascinated by the luggage rack at every.single.hotel we ever go to - they love that thing!
Bright & early {and oh, so chilly!}That's one way to get him to look at the camera! Aaaah!First stingrays!Mapping out our activities...Shamu Express
{the little pumpkin was so excited that she got to ride by herself!}
Mama!! That was AWESOME!Mama & Grace's turn...Hudson was a no-go!Hayden made it!!
{my dear friend Bridgette and her little guy Hayden were in town for the wedding too - yay!}
Isn't this spooky??? Look at all those little eyeballs!! SHARKS!Bridgette & HaydenTime for Shamu!Splash Zone...per Grace's request :)When we were at Sea World {last year} it was the penguin's Winter so we didn't get to see them very well. Grace was so excited that everything was so BRIGHT this time around!My little penguins ;)Enjoying a few rides at the Bay of Play...Hudson was not too sure about this ride, but the little pumpkin is one part daredevil. The faster, the higher, the better!The requisite Dippin' Dots before leaving the park...We sure crammed a lot of fun into 5 hours at the park!!Next up...the WEDDING!


Amber said...

Super jealous of all the warmer weather clothes :) The littles look like they had a blast!

Is G shoes saltwater??/ If so how is the fit? I have been looking at them for R for the summer.

Jessica said...

Yes, they are! Love them! They are well-made, pretty much true to size and according to Grace they are "super comfy". I like that you can adjust both the ankle strap and the toe strap. Grace's foot is sort of narrow and this helps.