Monday, May 28, 2012

beach day, alligators, Atlantis, watermelon day...

"Beach Day" is always a cute day at Grace's preschool. The kids get to wear their swimsuits and a cover up and then after lunch they go to the splash park.  I, along with 99% of the mom-of-girls population, fell in love with this Target swimsuit...only thing I didn't like was that the skirt was so long on Grace it looked like she had no bottoms, so.....................a pair of scissors later, we have a custom matching headband ;)
I brought a big bucket of bubble soap which may or may not have been the best idea. Instead of beach day I think it was more like "car wash" day :)
Fun times with friends...
Even little brother got in on the action ;)
One of our last field trips was to an alligator park.
FeeDIng TimE FreNZy!!
This is what Grace thought of the she my daughter or what??! HA!
But she sure wanted to touch the baby alligator!!
And even convinced Kennedy to give it a try!
This field trip was much more up our alley...5th grade play...LOVE elementary school plays - they're just too cute!
As part of Grace's school program we meet with her teacher and Instructional Coordinator about every 6 months or so. We go over individual goals, progression, etc. When her teacher suggested she might be ready to conduct a research project we decided to go for it. She had free reign on the topic and she chose "The Lost City of Atlantis" {heavy Dora influence here...I think there was a glittery, unicorn & waterfalls episode on Atlantis a while back - HA!}.
She and Lance did all the research together and I helped her find the pictures she wanted and helped her layout the boards while she had a glue fest.
Her theme ended up being "3 Fun Facts about Atlantis". We practiced at home and by the time she gave her presentation she pretty much had the whole thing memorized. She was still a little nervous - and I know I'm biased - but I think she did really well for a 5 year old!
One of the things she talked about were some of her favorite islands...Fiji was one of to make it a little more fun for everyone we brought Fiji water for a little taste test.
I think my favorite moment was right after Grace passed out the water cups and one of her classmates said, "Ooooh, I see a little sand and a seashell in my cup of Fiji water!" he he he
You did great, Grace!! So proud of you!!

And finally, our little farm girl ready for Watermelon Day at school :)
She wanted me to take a picture of her braids, so here goes...this one's for you, Grace!
I love our laid-back summers, but I'm seriously having a bad case of the end-of-the-year-school-blues...I LOVE Grace's preschool program.  I think we have been spoiled for the past two years and I'm so sad to see it come to an end.

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