Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the cutest little softie dolls! {etsy shop spotlight}

About 2 weeks before Easter I stumbled upon {this} cute etsy shop. I immediately fell in love with the adorable bunny girls and boys and wanted to get a matching set for Grace and Hudson's easter baskets. Unfortunately this adorable etsy shop is halfway around the world from Slovenia!
After sending convos back and forth to Maja, the super sweet shop owner and designer, we decided it was too risky and couldn't guarantee a before-Easter delivery. Boo hoo.
BUT. A couple of weeks later I found Lily Bloom. Isn't she adorable??? I have such a soft spot for handmade dolls, actually, for just about anything handmade with love ;)
Maja was a sweetheart and even sent this cute little birdie along...
...and this super sweet note.
I've ordered internationally before and it's taken a LONG time to receive the items, but not this time!! I received the package in JUST 8 days!!

So if you're looking for an adorable handmade gift, pay KraKra Craft a visit. You may just find a little something you can't wait to bring home!

Oh, and Lily Bloom is my "dozen roses" for Grace's dance recital in a couple of weeks...he he he.  I figured Lily will be loved long after the flowers are gone.  And.................... a little birdie told me all about a certain conversation with the grandmas on why pink roses are the prettiest, so no worries, I think she'll have some pretty flowers there too ;)