Saturday, May 12, 2012

the mommy quiz {four corner learning}

I have the cutest quiz to share from Four Corner Learning, but first a little background...
My sweet friend Angela, a former teacher and mom of three adorable boys, recently launched a new venture with her husband, Four Corner Learning {here and here}. Their debut app for the iphone/ipod/ipad is Simple Learning 123, a 99¢ app that helps preschoolers learn how to count in English, Spanish and French.
More apps are on the way, but what I love is that Angela makes sure to incorporate the 3 basic learning styles...visual, auditory, and she's creating the apps. She also comes up with these great themed educational plans every week {like Four Corner Learning on facebook to see more!} and that's where The Mommy Quiz comes in!

Such a fun little quiz sure to bring lots of laughs while creating fun memories for years to come. This was such a treat for me because Noonie had the littles complete the quiz as a surprise for me. I love their answers!!!
{A couple of pics because what's a post without some pics!!  This was earlier today...We were creating some special masterpieces for Mimi and Noonie for Mother's day.}
{These are our "germs" and "bacteria" that we also created way to help the littles grasp an abstract love chenille stems/pipe cleaners...give it a try!}

The Mommy Quiz by Four Corner Learning
May, 2012

Grace, 5 yrs. 2 mo.
Hudson, 2 yrs. 10 mo.

What does Mommy look like?
Grace: She has brown hair, hazel eyes, light skin, she wears blush and lipgloss.
Hudson: She looks like Mommy.

When is Mommy happy?
Grace:  When I do the right things.
Hudson:  From saving me from a monster.

What is Mommy's favorite thing to wear?
Grace:  A pretty scarlet dress.  Mommy calls it coral, but I call it scarlet.
Hudson:  A pink dress.

What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?
Grace:  Play with me.
Hudson:  Something like macaroni and building blocks.

What does Mommy do with you that you love?
Grace:  Take me to swimming and do special crafts.
Hudson:  Building blocks.

Why do you love Mommy?
Grace:  Because God made her my Mommy.
Hudson:  Because I love her with all my heart.

What do you like to eat that Mommy cooks?
Grace:  Noodles and brownies.
Hudson:  Macaroni with beef.

Where does Mommy love to go?
Grace:  To different places but she always takes us kids with her.
Hudson:  To a restaurant, a pepperoni pizza restaurant.

If Mommy had super powers what would they be and why?
Grace:  Speed like you are rushing everywhere.  Because then she can rush and save me from anything bad.
Hudson:  Saving me from a monster.

If Mommy were a quees, what would she be a queen of?
Grace:  The kingdom of the world.
Hudson:  The queen of the slide.

Is your Mommy silly?  When?
Grace:  Yes, when she does jokes with me.
Hudson:  Yes, when she makes funny faces.

What does your Mommy do when you are outside?
Grace:  Pushes me on the swing.
Hudson:  Play.

What is the best thing about Mommy?
Grace:  That she really loves me a lot.
Hudson:  Loves me in the heart.

What makes Mommy smile?
Grace:  When I do the things that I'm supposed to do.
Hudson:  Her camera. 

Tell a short story about Mommy and her super powers, then draw mommy with her super powers!
Grace:  Mommy saved me from a monster that was in a cave.  I was in the cave searching for a jewel for my Noonie.  Mama threw a sword and sticked it into the monster's tummy.  Then Mommy grabbed me and took me home.
Hudson:  Construction down in the big construction site.  She build blocks.  She makes the blocks fall down.  They crack.  Mama puts them back together.
Thank you, Angela and Four Corner Learning!!  I can't wait to do this quiz year after year and see how their answers change!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and


Joy said...

"Loves me in the heart" SWEETEST answer ever!

Jessica said...

Thank you!! It made me smile :)