Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank you Mrs. Olivia, Izzy & Emily!!

Knowing the craziness that has been growing out these bangs, a sweet blogger friend send Grace a little care package...
Checking out the cute drawings...
Whaat??!? All these for me?! THANK YOU!!
All kinds of cute clippies...
This one is my favorite!!
We love the clippies but what we like the most are these aDOraBLe DRAWINGS!!!  Love the fashion girls, Izzy!
Thank you Mrs. Olivia, Izzy and Emily!!!
Sending you a great big hug...XOXO, Grace


Olivia said...

Izzy is over smiling shyly at Grace's pictures as I'm reading her your post. Then she runs off to her sister and yells, "THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!" So neat how things like blogs can connect people in ways we as kids never imagined, and we can meet the sweetest kindest people.

Jessica said...

YES! I love how blogs make our world feel small :) So glad I "met" you and your sweet family, Olivia!!

Thanks again for all the fun clippies!