Sunday, May 13, 2012

a pocket full of posies {coffee filter flowers for mother's day}

The littles wanted to make something special for Mimi and Noonie for Mother's Day. Something to let them know how much we all love are nice, but coffee filter flowers are EveN BetTeR!!  he he he
This was such an easy craft...I bet you have everything you need right in your home right now! Dig out some coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, watercolors, glitter, chenille stems, scraps of fabric, elmer's glue, and the trusty glue gun.
I trimmed down the filters and cupcake wrappers to the desired sizes, then set out the watercolors and had the littles paint the filters. Then it was just stack and glue, stack and glue...sprinkle a little glitter {they loved this!}, hot glue the stems and fabric in place and voila!
Mimi's turned out a little patriotic, don't you think?? Perfect for Independence Day!

Of course after I saw how cute Noonie's and Mimi's turned out, I wanted my very own pocket full of posies and the littles were happy to oblige - yay! Cutest little bouquets, don't you think? :)
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, especially my sweet mama, mother-in-law, our grandmas and all my sweet mama friends.  I hope you have a beautiful day surrounded by littles and loved ones.

And even though we celebrate today, I know Mother's Day can be painful and difficult for those who are missing their moms or long to be moms...I pray you will feel God's arms holding you especially tight today.

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