Monday, May 7, 2012

Tilley the Tiger {art award}

It's been hit or miss around here lately because 1. my trusty camera is at the camera hospital once again *sigh*; and 2. our wireless internet has been on/off for the past week. We have one of those phone/internet/cable all-in-one deals/rip-offs (depending on the day). I don't know much about the mumble jumble but what I do know is that after waiting 5 days and having today's appointment rescheduled, the cable guy coming to our house tomorrow will either get the biggest high five or the biggest boo of his career. Let's hope for the former.

A week ago Grace had her very first Awards Ceremony...for her drawing of Tilley the Tiger, no less! Boy was she excited!!  This art competition is a regional competition which showcases over 2500 visual and literary artworks created by students in preK - 12, and this year awarded 210 winners.  
Funny thing is, we found out she had been accepted into our #1 choice elementary school AND that she had won the art award all on the same day. Guess which one she was most excited about???! You bet. The little pumpkin LOVES art!!  Score one for Tilley the Tiger!
There's Tilley...
Our little family...
One with Noonie...
...and one with Mimi!
Grace and Mrs. Bryan, her teacher.
I'm not sure how she manages, but Mrs. Bryan has come to every child's birthday party and every extracurricular event the two years that Grace has been in her class.  She is A+++++ in our book!
Accepting her award {she was so nervous!}...
There, that's better!
She was so excited to receive a trophy!!
Way to go, Grace!
{Segi~ she was wearing the charm bracelet you gave her...she said the kitty on the bracelet was for Tilley the Tiger}
Hudson clapping for his big sis! *LOVE*
Four of Grace's classmates also won awards...Kennedy and Lovi in visual arts like Grace, Solomon and Julien in literary arts. All 5 of the winners from Grace's school came from her preschool program. Way to go Bryan's Bears!! So proud of all these creative littles!!
We sure were feeling excited and so proud of the little pumpkin!!
The littles with their grandmas...can you feel the love?!?
The decor at the event was super fun!
Hudson was excited to find Max from Where the Wild Things Are...
GRROOWWL! That one's for you, Tilley!
We are so proud of you!
Keep reaching for your dreams and always give God the glory.
Love you bunches ♥,
Mama, Daddy and Hudson


Virginia said...

Dear Grace: May you always find the beauty in life in every little thing that you do. I LOVE your paintings! (In fact I have a binder with everything that you have drawn and given me.)
Papa J and I are VERY PROUD of this accomplishment, your first trophy. Congratulations!!!
All my love, Noonie

Jessica said...

So glad you could be there to cheer her on!! Love you! :)