Monday, June 17, 2013

blueberries {2013}

Last year time got away from us and we didn't get to go pick blueberries so this year we made it a point to go as soon as they were ready!!
We went to a new farm this year and it was a lot of fun!
A little history lesson before going out to the fields...
DeLicIOus BlueBErRiEs!!!
Grace - 8.25 blueberry cases tall!
Hudson - 7.00 blueberry cases tall!
They were soooo thrilled to pose for pictures, can't you tell? ha!
In their defense, it was H-O-T!!!
Time to pick berries!
Showing off the fruits of their labor - hahahahaha! {couldn't resist}
All this work and I only have how many berries???!
Awe...picking blueberries is not so bad, Hudson!
Off to weigh our berries...
Hot & Sweaty!!
After weighing the blueberries and enjoying some yummy blueberry lemonade, the little pumpkin and I went to check out the blackberries while Hudson and Noonie took a little {air conditioned} break in the car...
The guy at the farm store gave us permission to taste a couple to see which ones we liked...
They are really tart but I like them!
And since getting home, we have already put those juicy blueberries to good use!!  We've made blueberry pancakes...
...and yummy blueberry crumble cupcakes using {this} recipe!  M'mm-M'mm!
I love super fun, summer days!!


todell said...

You should read the book, "The Blueberry Years" I loved it and it gave so much insight to how hard it is to grow blueberries! It is also set a few hours from where I live.

9peasMom said...

Looks like great fun. Our local farm didn't open this year so we are looking forward to next year!

Kelli said...

We love berry picking as well. I have it on our list for next week!
I can not wait for fresh blueberry pancakes!
Love Graces dress!!