Saturday, June 8, 2013

little miss betty crocker

Oh, this little pumpkin is something else!!!
Don't let that sweet face fool you...
Me: Hey guys {wrestling on the floor in the other room} you want to help me make brownies?
Hudson: Do I get to lick the bowl?
Grace: Yes, of course. After all that's one of my chores, right?
Silly {but smart!} pumpkin!!! Can you tell she's saving for one of these???
Guess we need to go back over everyday responsibilities vs. money-earning chores vs. helping mama with fun stuff.

Happy Saturday!


9peasMom said...

My daughter is saving up for Saige as well. Looks like a fun 'chore' making brownies, clever girl you've got there!

Kelli said...

My daughter will be 6 in July and that is all she wants for her birthday.