Friday, February 13, 2009


is what Grace exclaimed the moment she walked into her MDO classroom yesterday!

She was so excited to give her teachers their little gifts. Here she is with Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Veronica - never mind her funny expression - she was being a little chatterbox :)

Her favorite rocking chair - everytime I pick her up from MDO the little pumpkin insists on "just a little rock" before we get in the car So excited to open an early valentine treat from Noonie and Papa A.J. (have fun on your cruise, Noonie and Papa A.J.!) Checking everything out Her favorite gift: "bouncy balls" (I'm still finding these under the sofa today!) Showing me what she made me at MDO :) I love those sweet little hands...

her requests to "hold hands" several times a day

our secret handshake

the way she gently pats your face when you tell her to be "sweet and gentle"

the way she shakes her index finger back & forth to say "no no"

the way she tries to make "bunny ears" to say she'll be 2 in just a few weeks

the way she twirls my hair when she's sitting in my lap saying our prayers every night

...Mama loves you pumpkin!

Thank you Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Veronica for capturing her almost two year old handprint for me! And LOL, that bow is BIG on Grace's head!!! I thought it looked a little big when I got her dressed yesterday morning, but seeing it in pictures makes me realize IT IS HUGE! Only in the South, my darling!


Courtney said...

Darling! Don't you just love their handprints. Love Grace's dress and her BIG bow!!

Jessica said...

I DO! I DO!! I DO!!!