Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Inspiration for Hudson's Nursery

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unexpected places...I love, love, love blabla products and the fact that they are hand knit by Peruvian artisans. It's all (finally) taking shape! More to come...


Jenn said...

OOHHH..PLEASE tell me you are doing a circus theme?? I saw something while I was out last week and immediately thought of you ;) Can't wait to see the rest!!

take a bow Jenn

Cori said...

Hi, Jessica, The baby is finally resting soundly for the 1st time today. Just thinking about ya'll and the fun you must be having. So sorry Brother and I weren't able to make it. What I had hoped would be a fun day filled with his first Valentine's parties has turned out to be the opposite. Thank you for inviting us and having Amelia ... and Eric over. I wanted to warn you but didn't have your number on me. He's usually a good sport about Amelia's girlie stuff. Hopefully he behaved and played along. And hopefully it wasn't too awkward for Michelle and Heidi. Thank you for including my children. I hope everyone had a great time!

Jessica said...

Yup! Going for a vintage circus theme and adding some sock monkeys in there, too. Oh, and a few sports-themed things too, LOL - to keep hubby happy :) I'm hoping he can find some of his old b-ball gloves, etc. so it can be a little "blast from the past".

Jessica said...

Hi, Cori,
We missed you bunches!!! I hope Abram is feeling much better today! You were so sweet to send over the CUTE valentines and treat bags - thank you!! Amelia was a perfect little lady. She told me the sweetest knock-knock jokes...gosh, I LOVE THAT GIRL! She even didn't mind me twirling her piggy tails around my fingers - LOVE HER! Eric was great. He jumped right in and did the sparkly-glittery-stickery-heart project like a pro. So sweet to see Amelia sitting in her daddy's lap at a pink covered girlie table - he, he, he :) Hope Abram liked his goodies! Heidi and Michelle both asked about you. We missed you - we'll have to do it again soon.