Friday, December 18, 2009

chipmunk cheeks

First things first, all of a sudden my blog page is very wide - like a 3 column blog but without the 3 columns. Strange?!? Wonder if it looks like that to others reading it or if something just got changed in my settings???

Okay, back to my post. My little rollie pollie (that's Hudson) has been eyeing our food and trying to grab spoons for some time. He loves nothing more than to drink - make that lap - water out of my glass. He LOVES it! If he's growing restless and we're eating out, just a few sips of my water and he calms right down :)

So last Saturday, video camera in hand of course, we tied on this cute little vintage inspired bib that a sweet lady sent to me and finally fixed him a little bowl of this {did you know the AAP now recommends waiting until 6 months instead of 4 months to introduce any foods??? I think at this age, Grace had already tried out veggies and some fruits! Goes to show you how quickly recommendations change!}

Check out that smile! He must sense something good is coming. DURING
You're not working that spoon fast enough, Mama. Here, let ME do it! Don't even think about it! No way you're getting this spoon back. I've been eyeing that thing for months and finally it's MINE! AFTER POST CLEAN-UP
That was Mmm mmm good! But really, I just prefer these little piggies here! Full Belly = Happy Baby! This little guy is almost a 1/2 year old! How is that possible? *sniff*

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