Thursday, December 31, 2009

splurge vs. steal

So I went on a $100 gift card shopping spree and had LoTS of fun! I'd forgotten how much fun guiltless shopping can be!

First off, THE splurge:

To some it may be tacky looking but I love, love, love this necklace from Anthropologie.

And the STEALS (all from Target):

A couple of cute valentine plates for the kiddos This mini Strawberry Shortcake gift set which comes with a 10 minute dvd AND a tiny Custard, the pink cat, which Grace has been wanting ever since opening up her SS berry cafe at Christmas. {If you have any SS loving girlies you may want to check out this little gift set. It's on sale for $4.18 right now} This cute applique tee - can you sense a theme going on here? {in the big girls section starting at a size 4/5} I think I'll monogram it in lime green. This cute, cute, cute owl apron {dollar section}. And the boy loot...

A fun vintage retro Thomas tee that I think will look cute layered with a navy long sleeve tee underneath. THE cutest sock monkey PJ's for my little guy for next Christmas. A fun pack of Christmas trains! I'm thinking by next year, Hudson will really be into these and at 50% discount they were a great steal! {Why do these little trains cost so much???} So there you have it. One gorgeous splurge and 7 sweet steals, all for $100 buckeroos. THANK YOU Memema and Aunt Marilyn for my fun shopping spree!!!

And since this is probably my last post of the year, I better share a resolution or two. I'll spare you the boring ones (although those are on my list too!) and go straight for the fun ones. See that button up there on my sidebar way at the top?

Yep, not only is Cookie Mondays a fantastic blog, but Heather's button pretty much sums up my fun 2010 resolutions:

Create more.
Cook more.
Cherish more.

Happy New Year 2010!!!!
It's going to be a fabulous year!


Anonymous said...

I am jealous you found the Thomas Holiday package from Target! I looked and looked the other day and Tyler's were sold out! The Easter bunny brought Carson a special Easter edition train set. They are expensive, but Ebay is a great source to buy new or gently used engines for half the price. I can't wait until Hudson gets just a little older so Carson can show him the ropes around the Island of Sodor! Just a little taste of those cute engines and they're hooked and so are you Mommy - I'm just as obsessed! wink!

Heather L. said...

You got some CUTE stuff!!! Love the necklace, and it's so like me to spend the rest on kid stuff LOL. Their stuff is so much fun!

I love the Thomas set, and I swear we think alike because I had that cute Thomas tshirt in my cart at Target the other day but put it back because I had bought a ton of clearanced Christmas stuff. I may have to go back and get it now =)

Thanks for sharing your finds! I think another trip to Target is in my future for that cute strawberry heart shirt for my younger daughter!

Sweet P Preston said...

I am jealous of the jammmies you found for Hudson. I looked at the Target closest to us and they did not have any (guess I should have drove just a little more down the road). Cute finds. I LOVE Target!! Happy New Year!

Jenn said...

I am obsessed with the dollar section at Target, I saw all those things in it..

Thanks for sharing your great shopping spree!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tips, Amanda! BTW, I found the holiday train set stuck among the gift wrap in the Christmas section, so you never know - it just might pop up in the weirdest of places at your Target!

Oh, Heather - DO go for the Thomas tee - it is soooo cute!!

Julie & Jenn~ Guess we all LOVE our Tarje', right? :)

TaDa! Creations said...

Loving all your finds and that necklace is adorable and so YOU. I bought the strawberry tees last week and now this week the pants are $5 so I picked those up too. I love getting ready for spring! Those are going in the girls v-day baskets.