Thursday, December 17, 2009

warm cookies

It's half past midnight and my house smells delicious all because of these
I will fully admit I'm a fresh-baked snob. I love anything and everything fresh baked. There's just nothing like it - hence why I'm just now getting around to baking the cookies :)

Ever since putting both of my munchkins to bed, I've been getting Grace's goody bags ready for her school party later today (yikes - better go to bed soon!) Here's a close-up of the stickers - I love that little reindeer! Speaking of school, check out these two crafts Grace came home with these past couple of weeks. The first one is THE cutest little coffee filter Santa Claus. I'm not sure if it's the way she glued those googly eyes all crooked, but he just makes me smile! And my absolute favorite is this Baby Jesus in the Manger the little pumpkin brought home on Tuesday. Isn't he cute??!! And so crafty too! And totally unrelated but this picture just melts my heart. Last Saturday Mimi & Pop came over to watch the kids while Lance and I went to his company's Christmas party and when we came home, Hudson had fallen asleep in Pop's arms - so sweet!

Okay, 72 cookies later, all freshly baked, cooled, and wrapped, the goody bags are finally ready and look so cute if I may say so myself :) Off to bed I go. Sweet dreams! I'm sure mine will involve warm ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk *wink*


Heather L. said...

That sounds like something I would do - bake cookies after midnight! Love the bags - they are adorable!!! Where did you get the stickers - or did you make them? They are just precious!

And that picture of Hudson with his grandpa is just too darn sweet. I love it.

Jessica said...

Hi, Heather!
My house still smelled good this morning - he, he, he.

The stickers are from Autumn Leah on etsy - love her stuff! Here's the link:
Merry Christmas!

Heather L. said...

Thanks Jessica! I'll definitely check those out - maybe I can get my act together to order some for Valentine's Day - ha!

Have a Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your time with your sweet babies!

Jessica said...


When I ordered the Christmas ones, I also ordered V-day ones and Easter too! The valentine ones are ADORABLE! Little pink and red polka dot whales kissing. Def. check them out! :)

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