Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a little dollop of kitchen happiness

The other day I decided a little kitchen counter de-cluttering was in order. Funny how such a small thing can bring such great joy to a girl's heart.

I switched out my fancy fleur de lis glass canister set for these simple dome lid jars and filled them with some of my bAkINg PrETtiES, then added some of my favorite baking cookbooks next to them (sorry for the yucky lighting - I took these late last night with 3 of our 6 floodlights out to boot!). When the cordless phone stopped working completely, I tossed the whole thing out (can you sense a little frustration?) and lined up some of my go-to cookbooks. That darn phone only served to wake up my babies anyway.

The menu-planning binder got an uplift via cute mUshROom ScRApBooK tiDBiTS and the eyesore phonebook turned cinderella courtesy of a Martha shelf liner paper roll that sat in my linen closet unused for like 10 years. And I didn't really do much to my baker's rack (ssshhh, it's really supposed to be a potting bench), but it makes me happy, so I tossed it in for good measure. I couldn't get a good picture but can you see a tiny bit of that framed photo? That's the only copy of my grandma and grandpa's engagement photo (circa 1940s), meaning a photo someone took of them moments after my handsome (and I bet nervous at the time) grandpa proposed to my beautiful grandma. He even dedicated it on the back to her. Those two had the most beautiful and pure love affair I've ever witnessed for the entirety of their 50+ years of marriage. I love that photo! Just a few tiny changes but enough to make me love my kitchen that much more!

Now if I could only get motivated to take down the rest of the Christmas decorations...hmmm, maybe another day...I think I'd rather watch Julie & Julia.


TaDa! Creations said...

Love the glass jars on the counter. In my house I have to keep the sprinkles super hidden. Maybe that just means we need to use them more often. Ha! And wasn't Julie & Julia a fabulous movie? I can't wait to watch it again.

Jessica said...

Sprinkle away!!! Ha, ha, ha - the jars are waaaaaaaay back on the counter where even on tippy toes Grace can't reach them yet :)

TaDa! Creations said...

Yet! hehe :)