Monday, December 28, 2009

family is what it's all about

Lance and I are very fortunate to have our parents nearby so that they can be involved in our daily lives and see Grace and Hudson grow up firsthand. Believe me we don't take this for granted, we know this isn't the case for so many and we feel incredibly blessed. Christmas Eve we spent it with Mimi & Pop (Lance's mom & stepdad) then Christmas Day Noonie & Papa J (mine) came over and on Sunday we visited with Lance's dad Papaw & Mimsy, his grandmother and aunt.

When Noonie & Papa J came over for lunch Christmas Day we attempted a couple of pictures. Attempted being the key word because with two little busy bodies group pictures are far and few in between! This is the best family shot we got.

Can I just say that whoever invented the "cheese" is in my black book forever ;)

Grandparents & kiddos! That durn sun glare made everything look washed out :( Should've paid more attention to the placement of our tree. Will remember this for next year. Can't wait to try out that new 50mm lens - maybe my focus will be much better!

Just me and my munchkins goofing around. Lance is anti-posed picture. I don't blame him!

Someone likes my choo choo. A little too much. Glue gun, here I come! Again. ;) Let the fun begin! {What, you don't use your presents as rock climbing walls???} That art easel is going to be so much fun! Thanks Noonie & Papa J!!!

Pure Joy. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Grace is in love with this little praying dollie. Hudson loved this roly poly ball! He kept trying to catch it with his little feet and then kick it away. {Future Soccer Star!!!} As you can see he is having a blast playing with his tunnel gym. Thank you Noonie & Papa J!!! These two always have a blast together!

Winding down with Noonie while learning a new spanish lullaby "La Linda Manita". And then on Sunday - more family fun!

Here's Hudson flirting with Mimsy. He DOES have all the ladies wrapped around his little finger ;) Nothing wrong with mixing a little Mardi Gras with your Christmas festivities ;) Opening gifts with Papaw. The wrapping is THE best part of the gift! I hate that I didn't get any pics of the little munchkins with anyone else. A certain little someone was having quite the meltdown - too much excitement in just a few days? - and we missed a lot of the fun trying to calm down. That's okay, we'll get together again soon and I promise to snap away Memema and Aunt Marilyn!!

And just to wrap up our holiday...

Warm & snuggly. Even snugglier :) Hope you had a warm & cozy Christmas!


Jenn said...

I LOVE her outfit, the stripped pants are too cute!

THe pics of her opening her presents is pricless!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jenn!!

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