Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Curious George Live!

After a looooong sleepless night (don't ask), the long awaited day was finally here! Even as I was getting Grace ready, I think I was still more excited than she was...but that quickly changed once we were at the show.

After getting the little pumpkin dressed in her favorite now too-small overalls and before we could head out the door, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of my monkey with her favorite monkey :) Told you I was more excited than she was! As soon as we pulled up to the venue, it all clicked for Grace and she was super excited about the show. I tried to snap a pic right next to this cute vendor booth but the excitement was too much for the little pumpkin. I mean who wants to stop for pictures when everyone's favorite monkey is right around the corner :) This time we couldn't avoid the $ traps and this little spinning toy just had to come watch the show with us ;) Daddy made it from work just in time! We really lucked out and had really great seats on the front row to the left of the stage. Lots of room in front of us which was nice for Grace and all her dance moves - ha, ha, ha. As soon as the lights dimmed and the spotlight came on this this is what I saw {priceless}!!! The sets were really fun and well put together. Check out some of these costumes like the spaghetti and meatball plate girls - aren't those great?!? OK, I have a question for all you theatre buffs. Can you see the man in the yellow hat's teeth and Professor Weisman's teeth in the pic? They are HUGE, GIGANTIC, LARGE, BIG, ENORMOUS - you get the picture. Anyhow I was wondering if they wear some sort of mouthpiece to project better. Sure hope so anyway 'cause those teeth were scary :O And back at home...two balloons later {money pit, money pit}...all a little someone could talk about was G-E-O-R-G-E! We had so much fun! If Curious George comes near you and you have little ones you should definitely take them! This was hands down our favorite show we've seen.


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