Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pink, aqua, and the little village

I love wrapping gifts! Love the paper, the ribbons, the little cards...mix and matching everything to make it just right. I remember being 12-13 and my mom paying me a quarter per present to wrap all of hers, including her gifts to all the physicians when she was still practicing - that year if someone was getting a coffee mug AND some hot chocolate they got wrapped separately - HA, HA, HA - I racked up!

So it's no surprise that I'm loving the color scheme for this year's presents: PINK and AQUA, mixed in with a few polka dots and some candy cane stripes. And that little choo choo is one of my favorite things! Got it at Target 3-4 years ago. It's fallen apart a couple of times but I just keep re-glueing it and hoping it'll last. I just love the colors so much! Simple but sweet. PINK for the girls and AQUA for the boys and on the presents from Grace & Hudson to their cousins and little friends, we used a mini photo as the gift tag so little ones would know who their present was from. Peeking at all the presents I can really tell there are LOTS more boy cousins and friends than girl ones in our family tree! little village! Heather L. - this one's just for you! You wanted a better peek at my tablescape and here it is It's a little jumbled up especially the ornaments, but it's been rearranged pretty much every day by one certain little elf who loves the tiny houses as much as I do :)

And speaking of elves...check out where Super landed yesterday! He's been everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! Okay, back to showing you a few of my faves up close I love the tiny bottle brush trees and the sweet vintage snowmen are too cute for words! The little ball ornaments are all vintage Shiny Brite. I big puffy heart love Shiny Brite!!! This tiny wreath sits at the top of the main tree! I love the colors and those itty bitty baby jingles! I got the wreath and several other similar decorations at Target in 2006 when I was pregnant with Grace. I was feeling the need for babyish ornaments that year! This raggedy little tree started the whole collection back when I was doing my undergrad and fell in love with vintage stuff. A few of the branches are smoke seared. I once put this little tree too close to a candle and had a little mishap right in the middle of a Christmas party! Another one of my favorite little houses You can't really see it in the picture, but this little "JOLLY" sign is covered in sparkly glitter! Love the glitter...maybe too much? Don't think I ever really "grew up" in that area! A few of my favorite non-vintage ornaments on the big tree...In honor of our love of baking, we added this one this year. Isn't that tiny glass dome the cutest?! I try to add a few holiday touches to vignettes that I already have set up like this one I added the glittery church and that sweet baby blue jingle bell. There's something magical about all those twinkling lights, isn't there? Hope you are having a blessed Christmas Season surrounded by loved ones!


Jenn said...

Thanks for sharing! Love it all!

Heather L. said...

OOOH, love the pics, Jessica! Thank you for showing us more! Your wrapping is just beautiful. My wrapping is such a hodge podge this year - seeing yours makes me want to unwrap all mine and redo them! So pretty!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!

TaDa! Creations said...

Love, love, love everything about this post. Your tree looks so lovely and glowing.