Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas-y Treasures

A fun and productive day thursday, so come in and let me show you! The little tree in that picture is my Charlie Brown tree. I love it! When I worked at the Gap back in college many moons ago (not telling exactly when - just makes me feel old to think about the "when"!) one Christmas we had those trees as decorations all throughout the store. After Christmas the manager said we could take some if we wanted. I spotted that little one high up on a shelf and we've been together ever since ;)

Craving some yummy chicken salad, I wandered in my favorite tearoom and started browsing while they fixed my to go order. Jackpot! I love it when I find treasures in unexpected places!

I found this adorable serving plate with the sweetest vintage images of the jolly fat guy! Best part? The plate is melamine!!! Bet you couldn't tell from just looking at it perched there in my cupboard :) So I grabbed two and I can't wait to share one with my vintage-loving partner in crime. I'm making mini brownie cups topped with vanilla almond frosting and these to give to her. Oh my goodness, these are soooooooo good! I'm so addicted to them right now!

As I was about to leave the tearoom, I spotted a hidden stack of the sweetest hand embroidered baby burpies in a basket. Such cuteness! I wanted them all. But I settled on this one: Isn't that elf too cute????!!! Since we started the elf on the shelf tradition this year, I thought this was the perfect Christmas burpie for Hudson. Let's just pretend it doesn't have a tiny row of green checked ruffles. *wink*

Bye for now! Still have loooooots of items to check off my Christmas to do list! Hope you are tucked in warm & cozy!


Heather L. said...

Oh my goodness, that tea room is a treasure trove of cuteness!!! I love the tray and the burp cloth. We are also elf-obsessed. We started w/the Elf on the Shelf a few years ago, and I'm truly embarassed to say that we have NINE elves now - haha! Two are teeny tiny baby elves, four are the Elf Magic elves and the rest are some other random elves. It's crazy around here setting them up at night, but my kids love it!

Anyway, thanks for sharing the cute stuff you got! Love it!

Heather L. said...

ps - I want to see your cute little tablescape - I see part of it in the elf burp cloth picture =)

TaDa! Creations said...

OK, completely drooling over that vintage inspired malamine (LOVE) Santa plate. Does the back of it say who makes it, thinking I might see if I can order one. it's probably too late though.

How did I miss candy cane kisses? Those look lie they'd be great too.

love the sweet hat on Hudson too.

Jessica said...

Angel~ I went by the tearoom this morning to see if they had more of the plates. I was going to pick one up for you but they were all gone :( The plate is by Raz Imports (retailed for $20 although I see similar ones much cheaper online). Tried to google, ebay it, etc. but couldn't find it. The lady at the tearoom called it the Ho, Ho, Ho tray. I'll keep looking :)