Friday, August 27, 2010

one week down!

And what a first week of school it's been!

A week in review...
~First time having homework
~First Treasure Chest show & tell
~First behavior award (Grace~ you were so proud of that button!)
~First time being the leader "...But Mama, it's the caboose that gets to feed the fish...I want to be the caboose."
~First P.E. class
...and I'm sure many others that I can't think of right now!All week I've been amazed at the number of projects the little pumpkin & her classmates complete in a day's time! She comes home with
3-4 things every day...artwork, worksheets, 3D stuff...these kiddos are BUSY!

Fashion / Resells...
I've received several emails asking about the little pumpkin's clothes and where I shop. You guys are too sweet - thank you for the nice comments! It's really hard to answer because I shop everywhere! Etsy...Retail Stores...Children's Boutiques...resells...outlets...have Noonie make it (he he he) name it! As far as boutique customs, TaDa! Creations and Amazing Gracie are my favorites, and of course, we love Matilda Jane.

I try to go with pieces that have good mix-n-match possibilities because I prefer a bit of an ecclectic style rather than matchy-matchy from top to bottom, and I like to make outfits our own by adding fun little accessories and what nots.

No matter what it is, my only rule is that she still look like a little girl. I can't stand teenage/adult fashions on wee ones. I want little girls to look like little girls.

Grace & I spent about an hour this afternoon trying on stuff from her closet because she's had a growth spurt here lately and a lot of her clothes for Fall are too short on her (so yes, there will be some 3Ts and 4Ts in the resells!). I love when an outfit just sort of comes together by accident and this is one of them...

I bought the shoes on clearance at Target for $6 a while back because I knew 1. She L-O-V-E-S pink and 2. She'd eventually grow into them. The corduroy dress was a recent Carter's Outlet bargain at just $12 on sale, with coupon. And the headband was a lucky find at Gap for $7. So for $25, this sweet little outfit came together, lots cheaper than a similar dress I liked from mini Boden.

When it gets colder, we'll add a long sleeve tee, some fun polka dot tights I also picked up at Gap, and some Ugg-a-like boots and we'll be all set. So don't be afraid to mix & match brands and'll be surprised what you come up with!

One last thing...I'm working on a birthday hat order to ship on Monday so I probably won't get to list all the resells until next week. There's lots more than the ones in the collage but if you see something that you like, feel free to leave me a comment or email me and I'll be happy to let you know size, measurements, and price.

We're headed to 2 birthday parties for some sweet friends of ours tomorrow so I better get some's going to be a busy Saturday! Have a great weekend!


Brandi said...

What a cutie! And cute outfit too! How much do you sell birthday hats for? Love your blog!!

Kris said...

Hi Jessica,
I was wondering what you charge for a birthday hat?

Spears said...

she is just the cutest thing the outfit, and her sweet pose :)
i see I'm not the only one wondering about the price on birthday party is 3 weeks away, so that may not even be time to place an order. Do you sell on etsy?

Em said...

I SO wish my girls were smaller than Grace! She has the most adorable clothes!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!

I sell the hats for:

$20/1 hat
$15/hat when ordering 10+

They are handmade, lined, and include choice of birthday number, initial or other abstract design.

I haven't yet listed them on etsy, mainly due to the fact that I can only take a few orders at a time.

But they are CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! So let me know if I can make something special for your little ones to enjoy!

Amber said...

The puirple outfit is so cute!! Gotta love Target and Carter's :)

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