Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pink PreK Party!

The little pumpkin got her wish......a PINK party!Pink soon became pink + yellow after being inspired by Jess of Pens & Paper Flowers (see HERE) and pink + yellow soon became
pink + yellow + tangerine after receiving the sweetest school girl dress made by my friend Amber.

Thank you SO.VERY.MUCH!!!
So with a citrousy pink, yellow, and tangerine palette, I set forth to style a sweet little family party to celebrate our pink-loving girl's official PRESCHOOL DEBUT. Hard to tell in these sun-washed photos but everyone wore shades of pink & tangerine ;) This morning after seeing the table for the first time she declared it
BE-AU-TI-FUL and gave me the sweetest hug, thanking me for all the pink details, "Wow, there's so much pink. It's so pretty. I love my party." and then proceeded to ask me if she was now 4? he he he Some of the sweet details... Lemonheads in repurposed baby food jars :) A little whimsical touch! And the perfect pink straws? Why, those were compliments of Baskin Robbins! Yes, after searching everywhere for the color I wanted and coming up empty handed I finally got the nerve to ask the ice cream shoppe we frequent all-too-frequently if they would mind donating 10 straws for the little pumpkin's party. I think Grace's ice cream covered face and deep belly laugh won them over rather quickly and they soon gave me a dozen straws!

And how about this fun way to jazz up otherwise run-of-the-mill plasticware? Remember THIS dress? Well, the bottom part of the shirt we cut off became the perfect "sleeve" for the utensils! Just goes to show you stylish doesn't have to cost a pretty penny.

Pink Lemonade Candy Sticks from Pioneer Party & Gifts. Perfect way to add some vintage charm to your party...tasty too! The candy sticks were part of the goodies I won from THIS contest - love it when one party helps to fund the next party! HA HA HA On a more serious note, Pioneer Party has the nicest customer service staff. They went out of their way to help me with my order. Let's just say Cotton Candy sticks will be making their debut on this blog in the not so distant future :) Sweets, sweets and more sweets! A little savory snack too...and some Pink Lemonade, of course, to quench the thirst! The cake, oh the cake. Let's just say cake decorator I am not. I shouldn't show you a
close-up but here it goes anyway...only because it was DELICIOUS! Pink Lemonade Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting from Jess of Pen & Paper Flowers. Find a much prettier version of the cake + the recipe HERE. Now, the little banner bunting I do love! It was a last minute addition...seriously, like a 4:30 a.m. brainstorm for our 10 a.m. party. The printables were a sweet little gift from a super nice blog reader. Thank you Terri! She was even kind enough to share a sheet of FREE PRINTABLES!!! Find them by following the link from HERE.

And what's a party without some dance moves??!!
Sweet and funky ones too!
A little shy moment after a stellar performance...This wasn't really a "gift" party, rather an opportunity to celebrate and share in Grace's excitement for her new school adventure. I did save her backpack & lunchbox to present to her at the party...along with some other fun pink treats, like shiny pink mary janes and some pink princess silly bandz. But before she could open her gifts... Yes, a beautiful crown fit for a {School} Princess!!! When I stumbled upon Paper Lady Invites, I immediately fell in love with Chelsey's creations and now having seen & touched this crown in person I can tell you her work is exquisite!

Checking out her new backpack... So excited to find...PINK SCISSORS!!!
The little pumpkin has been begging for scissors. Super excited to open her Hello Kitty lunchbox - a complete surprise! Yes, folks - a character lunchbox *snicker* Tutti Frutti Cutie Strawberry Shortcake good luck pajamas to wear the night before school starts - thanks Noonie! School supplies to donate...gathered on our little shopping excursion. Loving Grandparents all decked out in their pink ;) Mimi was such a trooper for making the party just two days after having eye surgery. With cousin Jade who starts Middle School this week. Good luck, Jade! The just-one-more great on Daddy! Dear Grace,
We hope you have a WONDERFUL
K-3 school year!
You are a ray of sunshine in our lives and we can't wait to see what God has in store for you this year!
Mama, Daddy & Hudson
Hope this year is full of unexpected surprises for all of you! Back-to-school in 1 week...
we're ready!


Terri said...

Absolutely adorable! You did a great job and the toppers are adorable on the cake, great idea!
She looks so happy and excited! Congrats on her first day of school.

Louley's Belles said...

Love it! That is tooooooo cute! It looks like she picked the colors for her art work based on her party, kind of. I love the dress. Did you make the dress from the tee that that girl sent you. It kind of looked similar. I don't know if you got my response from your comment, but thank you so much the sweet things you said about Lily. Love ya!!!

Mary Beth said...

What a sweet, adorable party!! Hope Grace has the best Pre-K year! Grace and Hudson are so blessed to have such a talented and creative Mom!

Heather L. said...

Wow, so much cuteness!!! Love all of it - the cake bunting, the colors (how did you find matching wrapping paper? So cute!), the sweets, the wreath - you did a fabulous job (as usual!).

I have a very similar story about the straws at Emmy's party. We found them at McDonald's (they were pink - I think they were advertising the new smoothies). I was going to ask if we could take some extra, but our McD's is very sketchy and weird, plus the workers are SO clueless - so we just took some. I didn't think much of it, until at the party someone asked where we got the pretty straws. Emily proudly said, "We ROBBED them from McDonald's!" I was SO embarassed! Lesson learned - little eyes are watching all the time!

I need to know how you did the little plastic forks and spoons in the fabric - did you sew it, or just lay it out like that? It was super cute!!!

coolkids said...

wow! Great party Jessica!!! You know how to throw one heck of a party!!!!!!!!

Twice the Spice Inspired said...

What a precious idea! I love the pink and yellow too. Hope she has a wonderful first day of school and year!

Kris said...


Cheyenne said...

Wow! This is all so adorable!

Amber said...

It all came together so well!!! Not that I expected it to :) I love the baby ffod jars filled with lemondrops...adorable!! I lvoe how the lunch box matched so well adn I love that Grace has a character lunch box....but I am disappointed it isn't Dora...hehe

Great job as always and I love seeing Grace in her dress :)

Jessica said...

Thank you ladies for all the super sweet comments!!!

This was a really fun little party to put together and even better the whole thing was under $50 bucks! Yay! (not counting the school supplies/b-pack, of course!)

Laura~ Amber made both a shirt and a dress for me. We did a little crafty exchange a while back, I made bday hats for her daughter's party and she made the sweet dress for Grace :) I meant every word about Lily. She is just the sweetest little lady. Love her!

Heather~ LOL LOL LOL LOL at your McD straw story!!! Dying over here! Kids!

About the plasticware...I just gently placed everything like I wanted on the "fabric tube" - no sewing. I want to use that "tube" as the yoke part of a knit skirt for Grace so I didn't want to sew it yet. It WOULD be sturdier if you DID sew one. Just simple vertical stitches like you would do on a crayon roll. Super easy and super fun!

Amber~ LOL, I thought of our conversation as I put that Hello Kitty lunchbox in my shopping buggy. I have to admit it was the "cutest" of the "ugly" character ones :) And don't even mention the D-word!! HA!

Thanks again for making that sweet dress for Grace! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Ashleigh said...

wow wow wow! you are amazing! i have so much to learn from you! just to let you know, i have search and searched for the website that i found the affordable leotards and skirts from but it has vansihed!! i cant find it sorry! looking forward to a fun september with you! we need to get together outside of JL because i would love to pick your brain! i can tell there is alot going on in there that i must know about!

Tasha Horsley said...

such an adorable and amazing party! you must be the party queen! i love the candy sticks and the little jars with lemonheads! grace looks so sweet in her cute dress and so excited for pre-school. :)

Unknown said...

you DEFINITELY made my day when you sent me this link! it's all adorable! love it SO much! i'm posting on my fan page!! love what you did with the repurposed baby jars...they turned out so cute. hugs!

Krysta said...

So adorable! I might have to steal some of these ideas for my daughters birthday party. I love the wreath!

Jessica said...

Awww...thank you so much ladies!!

Ashleigh~ you're too funny! Anytime girlie!

Virginia said...

Dear Grace:
I promised you a "Pink Party" and you got it! Your Mommy made it extra special with her talent for beautiful decorations and whimsical details.
I know you will have a wonderful school year.
I love you with all my heart,

Teresa said...

Dear Jessica, I've only just found your blog - and I think I am in love. I have to wait 6months to plan my daughter's next birthday party and it just seems too long to wait - but you have showed me that there are so many things worth celebrating in little ones' lives.

Jessica said...

Mom~ Grace is STILL talking about her PINK PARTY!! She loved it - thanks for helping!!

Hi, Teresa~ Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we love celebrating all the little milestones around our house. Nothing's too small for a celebration! And honestly, some of these smaller parties are even more fun than the big ones (birthdays) us mamas stress about! Have fun making memories!!

Rachael Williams said...

You are an inspiration. Wow, I need to "jazz" up the parties I have been throwing. These ideas are absolutely adorable. I will have to get on the web and start surfing. I have two little boys so I may face a few more challenges. Grace is adorable and looks as if she cherishes every moment of her parties.

Jessica said...

Thank you so much, Rachael! And yes, you are right on! Grace is so animated and just loves every minute of it! Makes all the planning worthwhile when I hear her say, "This was the BEST party ever! Thanks mama!!" :)

tricityty said...

LOVE! I can't believe it was under 50! Can you share where the backpack came from? My girl has an outfit to match it!

Jessica said...


The backpack came from this etsy shop:


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