Thursday, September 30, 2010

double date

A couple of weeks ago...while my hubby was out of town...I had a date with another guy! GASP! Yes, a secret early morning date. He was very charming...but a bit of a messy eater. I didn't hold it against him though. He made me laugh like no other...and you know what they say about a good sense of humor! he is, all 25 lbs. and 30-something inches of him. Who knew I had a thing for shorties! ;)

It was sweet spending time with my baby boy, just the two of us. There's something to be said for undivided attention, huh? And guess what? I even realized that maybe he's going to be a leftie???

And before I move on to tell you about my other date...need suggestions: what brand/type of jeans do you buy for your toddler boys??? Need to get Hudson some jeans and don't feel like going from store to store. Thanks!

So..........after my hot breakfast date, the very next day I squeezed in another HOT date. Quite literally. You'll see why. A friend who has recently started her own event planning business had a contest on her fb page and.......I WON!!!!! I never win so I was super excited to just win. Thanks Tanya!!!! Lance was REALLY excited when he found out what I won: LSU TICKETS (and a parking pass too!)!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

So my mom watched the littles and we went on a road trip for the September 18th LSU vs. Mississippi State game. Here's the only pic I have of us together and it's even a phone picture, but even though we were melting in the heat, we were super excited to be there. My first time in Death Valley...that's Tiger Stadium for all you non-SEC fans ;)

And before I show you pics from the game, let me just say that folks in Louisiana take LSU
VERY's proof:Yes, folks that is a purple & gold house!

So much more fun to be there than to watch it on tv! I love this pic of Lance I snuck in right when we first sat down because he's not too fond of my camera but I love how excited he was to be there. We had the best time!! Meet Mike, the Tiger, LSU's mascot! It was GOLD day in case you couldn't tell. ;) Half Time And as the night when on we cheered our hearts out along with the 92,538 fans there!! And in the end

LSU did indeed rule Death Valley.
Geaaaaaauuuux Tigers!!But for me, even better than the final score.......time alone with my hubby: PRICELESS!


Nicole Marie said...

OMGosh how fun! We are totally trying to get tickets to a horns game here. :)
Your HOT date didn't seem so messy in the pictures ;) and boy he really is a cutie.

Sweet P Preston said...

I like Children's Place jeans for Preston. I think they fit a little better than Gymboree. Gymboree seem to run a little bigger on Preston, but he is little in the waist. I will say, though, Thomas bought P some Polo jeans (bootcut no less) and they are ADORABLE, but pricy. Children's Place is usually reasonable (2 for 22)and hold up really well (esp. for little boys).
Glad you had fun with your dates!

Ms.Carson said...

I have two boys and when they were little I always dressed them in Children's Place jeans. They are reasonable and have different cuts and washes. And because they aren't themed with anything boys jeans are often very versatile.

Amber said...

Two fun fun dates!!! I am sure Hudson thought he was something else for having mommy all to himself :) Glad you enjoyed some time alone with the hubby! It does a marriage good.

The England Family said...
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The England Family said...

Sorry for the double post. I had a spelling error. (GASP!)

So sweet! Great pictures. I'm not going to show my husband the gold and purple house. He would try to convince me we needed Alabama colors...and I'm so not going there!
I also buy both my boys jeans from Children's Place. I just bought 4 pair there last week. They carry super cute light pair all the way up to some dark washes. Good luck!

Heather L. said...

You are one lucky lady to have so many dates! Hudson is simply edible he is so cute!!!

I'm not a good source of where to buy boys' jeans - Carter is a CHUNK so I have to find jeans that have elastic waists for him LOL! He does better with stretchy pants. Poor little guy!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

What fun! I've also had very good luck with TCP jeans for boys. The wind pants there are also terrific ... great for casual weekends.

And since I know you LOVE candy corn and cuteness ... you may want to give these Candy Corn Sugar Cookies a try. So fun and super easy:

Megsy said...

I go to JCPenny. They have Okie Dokie cords and jeans for $5.99 and they are THE BEST PANTS I have found for my son. LOVE THEM and they last all winter. Best part is the waist is elastic and they are comfy and super easy for a quick diaper change. Also, they don't have any of the bulky pockets and stuff. Clean, classic pants for a drop in the bucket price compared to Ragland, Kelly's Kids or other boutiques.

Jessica said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! I took Hudson shopping this past weekend while Grace stayed home with Lance and we were able to buy some Fall clothes, including jeans!!

Megsy~ thanks for the JCP tip - I would have never thought to look there and we have a great big stand-alone JCP right by where I live!!

Heather~ Hudson is a little chunk too - he he he - so I have the same predicament! Love jon jons for that very reason...okay, and for the sweet smocking too!

Colleen~ thanks for sharing that recipe!! Those look fab, I love that they don't have frosting! :)

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