Tuesday, September 14, 2010

one for the boys!

I was sharing some cute fall finds with friends today and thought I'd share one with all of you mamas of boys. At least for me, it's so much harder to find cute boy clothes than girls', so I get excited when I find something I really like...he he he

Come Fall, my little guy will be sporting this fun shirt by
Sugar Locks:Find it and more cute designs HERE!
And if you visit their about those adorable little girl bloomers?!?!?!? Boy, I miss those!

Now...any fun spots to shop for boys???
C'mmon, you know you want to share!


Amber said...

This is absolutely adorable...meant to tell you on FB. I know someone who makes cute tie shirts...hehehe

Jessica said...

...and didn't I already place an order? A Christmas order?? ;)

Amanda said...

the cherry tree 123, kellys kids, ragsland, just name a few

Jessica said...

Thanks Amanda! I'd never heard of Cherry Tree before - cute stuff!!

Angela said...

Oh my gracious! Love it! :) I am a huge fan of the cherry tree 123 and makmaydesigns.

Lindsey said...

I usually just buy gingham pants/shorts in a variety of colors. Bennett will wear jeans in the fall...

I buy $3 t-shirts at Wal-Mart and then have anything I can dream up appliquéd on the shirts. The monogram girl (Jeannie) has TONS of stuff!

She has a turkey for Thanksgiving that is oh so cute!

Unknown said...

Well...since you asked... LOL

I'm a boutiquer, here is my Etsy shop link. Lots of appliqued, personalized items too :)

Painted Butterfly

Mendy said...

Oh thank you for posting this! I have so much trouble finding stuff for my little guy that are as cute as the girly things! Love the cherry tree 123 now!! Awesome!