Thursday, November 25, 2010

blessed to bless

Our list of thankfuls is a mile long, but some of the most important ones...
our loving & forgiving God ~ faith to believe ~ family ~ friends ~ freedom ~ flexible jobs ~ wonderful schools ~ grandmas who spend time with & help us care for our littles every.single.week ~ warm beds ~ food to eat ~ past hurts that make current joys that much sweeter ~ the gift of creativity ~ escaping the car accident unharmed ~ and of course these two little ones that fill our hearts with indescribable joy!
Remember these? She was so excited to give them to everyone today. I think her smile says it all.We had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch that made "gobble, gobble 'till you wobble" a reality for all of us. Mimi made the most wonderful Buttermilk Salad - YUM! - recipe coming soon! I loved the prayer reflection my sister-in-law shared with us.

But my most favorite moment was when Grace quietly approached me and in a hushed little voice said, "Is it time yet?" I knew exactly what she was talking about. Time for our "surfing (service) project"! Seeing her excited about helping others made my day. We had a great time filling up Blessed to Bless bags that we'll be delivering to the Salvation Army soon, for their local shelter.
We still have a few items to add...I think a little someone wants to add some artwork :)

I think we were blessed much more than the recipients of our bags will be. I loved listening to Papa J's story of giving a homeless man his jacket. I loved seeing his face light up when he told me he made an extra bag all by himself when he was shopping for supplies for our bags, just to keep tucked in his car to give to someone in need.

But the biggest blessing for me came a few nights ago when I was putting Grace to bed. She was rather quiet and pensive. I asked her what she was thinking about and she told me she just wished she could put a bathtub in the bags "because I bet people that don't have a home would really love to take a bubble bath". It was in that moment that I knew she got it. Her little 3 year old mind understood why we were making the bags.

Sweet little pumpkin, I too wish we could put great big tubs in their bags...bubble baths to carry their worries away, if for only a moment. But instead we'll pray that God will hold their hearts no matter where they are tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Virginia said...

So beautiful that you are teaching the kids about giving thanks for all we have and about sharing and giving to those less fortunate!
Teaching by example is the best way to teach...and you do an amazing job at it, my dear daughter.

Jessica said...

Thank you mom...I have the best example YOU!