Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Grace wanted to be a cowgirl, but not just any cowgirl...a PINK cowgirl!
Thank you Gymboree for reading her mind!!!Hudson was the cutest Lil' Stinker ever!!!He skipped his nap and poor baby was soooooo tired :( He was not into pictures but I tried to get a few anyway and I got the serious look.
he, he, he Conked out in the middle of Mimi & Pop's floor! Trying to get a picture of the two littles together was next to impossible. This is the best we could get. Still so sweet those two! Our little family Hanging out with Mimi & Pop and Aunt Lexi Don't let those sleepy eyes fool you! This cute little stinker tore his halloween felt bucket on the way to Mimi's, yes completely took the thing apart! Thank goodness for an old spare! And we're off! Trick or Treat! Yay, candy!!! Love this picture! Wish this picture was in focus but you get the idea...he was H-A-P-P-Y!!! After about 10 houses...little pumpkin's jackpot...PINK NERDS! She then told us, "I think I have enough candy. I'm ready to go back to Mimi's now." Thank goodness for a doting Pop who carried her all the way back!

Even more than trick or treating, I think she loved passing out candy... by the fistfuls! As soon as the doorbell rang she said, "Oooooh, I've got more customers." Too funny! We had such a fun night!
Hope you did too!
See ya next year!


Ashley said...

Great costumes!! What photo program do you use to get the sweet writing on the pictures. I love it!

Virginia said...

They looked adorable!
I really like your family picture.
Keep on building (and recording!)
beautiful memories.
All my love,
PS: Thanks for bringing me lunch today. You are such a sweet and caring daughter. I love you with all my heart.

Jessica said...


Ashley~ I use Picasa for photo editing, a free download from Google. It has a text option. Super easy! :)

Mom~ You are more than welcome! Hope you got some rest. Love YOU with all my heart!