Saturday, November 6, 2010

a tumbling good time!

The littles and I spent a lazy Saturday morning at home while Lance helped Papa J with some paneling at one of their properties. But then it the afternoon it was time for
Maye's Birthday Party!!!

Her party was at the gymnastics place her mama and I worked at when we were in college - talk about some fun memories! Grace had been there before but this was Hudson's first time and
HE . LOVED . IT!!! He couldn't climb fast enough......or jump fast enough! Grace LOVED being able to run wild in the Big Gym but then came back to the Little Gym to play with her brother a bit - so sweet! :) And speaking of sweet, check out her new favorite necklace... Maye is into jewelry, earrings to be exact, so we went shopping for her and got her a cute little pair of cupcake earrings and a gift card so she could go on a little shopping spree and pick out her favorites. Grace was like a kid in a candy store at Claire's! That's where she picked out the little deer necklace she just had to have and at $1, how could I refuse?! Love that cute little deer!

Happy 7th Birthday, Maye!!! Maye is a great gymnast and an all-around great kid. She has the sweetest disposition and is great with babies. We love you, Maye Maye!!

...and once at home, chalk-covered from the gym and sugared up from the pink zebra cupcakes and icees, Grace was in a super S-I-L-L-Y mood! Here she is pretending to be a ghost...cutest little ghost I ever saw! Sometimes it's the little things, isn't it? Grace and Hudson played with this balloon for a good hour, coming up with all kinds of silly games. Love when that happens.Thanks for inviting us Bourgeois family - we had the best time!
And THANK GOODNESS for the extra hour of sleep tonight!! Lance and I need it!

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