Tuesday, November 23, 2010

five little tidbits

1. Like father, like mother, like daughter!

Lovin' this picture I captured over the weekend...
...they really are two peas in a pod!

2. I love that Grace asks me almost every single day what kind of project we're going to do today. A girl after my own heart, I tell ya! She's so excited about our "surfing project" (service project) and she can't wait to pass out these sweet cards she made for family members on Thanksgiving Day. I was going to mail them but when I saw how excited she was naming each drawing..."Sally, the girl turkey","Brown, the boy turkey" and so on...and deciding who would get what, I figured she'd love nothing more than to hand deliver each and every one of them.3. The Christmas lovelies have started making their way into our home and I can't wait to see our house transformed this weekend! One thing Lance & I have been in the world to keep our little tornado - aka Hudson - from taking down the tree! HA! Funny but so true!! He loves nothing more than to take down anything and everything in his way. I'm not even sure that putting the special ornaments up top will be enough, but we'll see. Thank you Mimi & Pop for this super cute sock monkey ornament for Hudson! Grace loves her ballerina too! 4. Speaking of projects and Christmas pretties...I'm super excited about this one! Just a little sneak peek for now :) 5. Today we received a super fun invitation to our neighborhood's Holiday Cookie Exchange!!! There are lots of elderly couples in our neighborhood with the most interesting stories of yesteryear so I can't wait to hear the stories behind their favorite cookie recipes at the party. I need your help! Do you have a particularly yummy cookie recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm hoping to make some out-of-the-ordinary cookies for the exchange. Suggestions??? Photo Credit: Bella Grace Party Designs

The outfits are pressed and the ingredients are {mostly} bought and I can't wait to spend Thursday with loved ones...definitely missing some of my favorite people though (you all know who you wished we lived closer!). I'll be dishing up some Make Ahead Party Mashed Potatoes and trying my hand for the first time at Pumpkin Vanilla Flan. We'll see how it goes...

Hope you have a blessed THANKSGIVING!


Amber said...

What a cute pic of Lance and Hudson!

Love the little sneak peek of G Christmas dress :)

Queen of Good Intentions said...

You really inspire me!! I search all over the "professional" blogs but yours is the best. You show real life with all the cuteness. I love to see how organized you are. I suggest the reindeer cookies from the idearoom blog. Also I think you will agree the packaging will make all the difference for cute cookies...hee hee. can't wait to see what you make. Also save the date for cupcakes has an amazing cookie table today with the colors we love!

Jessica said...

Thanks Amber & Sarah!

Andrea~ you have me blushing over here, girl! THANK YOU for your sweet comment! Most of the time I don't feel like I'm organized at all, so thank you for that too!

Can't wait to check out the cookies and yes, presentation is BIG! he he he

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!

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