Monday, November 29, 2010

my girl and I

Yesterday afternoon my best girl and I got away for a little movie date. We saw.......yup, you guessed it, Disney's Tangled, the story of Rapunzel! Even better, it was in 3D! I wasn't sure how the little pumpkin would do since those glasses sometimes make me queasy, but she did great! Other than a few spooky parts with Rapunzel's impostor mom, it was a really cute movie.

Grace's favorite part: "When they got married. Awww...I liked it when they got married, mama!"
Mama's favorite part: It's a toss up between Paschal, the cute little chameleon, and that frying pan!!! Now that kind of frying pan skill I like!

And then in an unprecedented moment I broke my own "no toys before Christmas" rule. Walmart happened to be right next to the movie theatre and we needed to pick up a few ingredients for dinner sooo...I caved!

Yup, Grace walked away with a little Polly Pocket sized Rapunzel and accessories. Can you see how proud she is that she talked me into it happy she is?
Of course we couldn't come home empty handed to this sweet little guy... (thanks for the super cute jammies, Mimi!!) we got him a little Weebles racing car, which quickly became his new favorite weapon of choice toy. Have you ever been wonked with one of those egg-shaped weebles? OUCH!

The Christmas transformation is almost complete...almost! We've had to be creative this year thanks to that cutie patootie in the footed pj's up there. More soon!


Michele said...

I completely forgot this came out, I think I am going to make a date with my Maggie this week!

Alison @ said...

I took my 6 year old to see it for her birthday the day it came out. We loved it!
P.S. Your kids are ADORABLE! And always dressed so cute. Do you make all their clothes?

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Awe, how fun! I can't wait until my little pumpkin is big enough to go to the movies with me! She is only 19 months old now and I haven't gotten brave enough to ever take her to the theater. Maybe when she's about 2 1/2. :) And don't feel bad about caving on the toys! They are only little once is my motto!

Jane said...

OMG I just spent an hour devouring this fab blog, and I'm not quite ready to leave yet - have to leave you some blog love:) I followed for you (yay) so I won't miss a post, you can visit me @ I think you should check out All the best, Jane:)

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Can't wait to see the movie! Have you seen this? Thought of you!

Jessica said...

Hi, Alison~ I wish I could say I make all their clothes, but....I'm just a beginner sewer :( My mom makes some of Grace's clothes and I love to buy sweet sets on etsy and matching brother /sister sets at local boutiques =)

Hi, Jane~ Glad you stopped by! And thank you for the link to the Children's Party Network (I signed up)!

Andrea~ That playdate is too cute!!! Love the "Run, Run" sign on the wall!

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