Friday, November 19, 2010

busy week

Soooooooooo glad it's Friday because that means my busiest work week of the year is O-V-E-R!!! Yay!!! Thank you to all that sent me sweet good luck messages. Preliminary figures show that we raised around $51,000 for child abuse victims!!! Woo hoo!

Sad I missed a fun field trip with the little pumpkin's class on Tuesday, but thankful that Noonie could go in my place and Mimi could watch Hudson like she does every Tuesday. Mimi & Noonie~ you two are such a blessing to our family! Thank you for everything you do to help our family manage life, work, and activities every week! We love you!

Of course I had to send my camera with Noonie to capture a bit of the Nature Park field trip ;) By the looks of it they had a blast!
Who knew learning about deer antlers could be this much fun! So sad I missed this...So GLAD I missed this! HA! Yea, I'm not too big on animal skins. Eww!

Grace was the leader that day which meant she got to sleep in the tepee for nap time as part of their Native American unit. So fun and she loved it! And a little tweak to our usual "Ice Cream with Noonie" fridays landed us at a favorite cupcakery for yummy treats...pumpkin spice (Noonie), chocolate (Grace), and red velvet (Hudson & I). It was so pretty we decided to enjoy them outside. Love this time of the year! Hudson didn't like his or anything... with Santa!!!
Can't wait to see the littles' reactions this year!

Happy Friday!

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Amber said...

Love Mss G MJ dress and tights. I have always loved that one :) Love the picture of Hudson enjoying his cupcake :)