Friday, November 12, 2010

this little boy of mine - part II

Did I mention in my last post that Hudson is into everything???
Oh, I did?
Hmmm...keep reading...

Since Grace is in school now on Fridays when we have our weekly "Lunch with Noonie" we have started going for an after-school treat after she gets out. Today we tried out a new PoPSiclE place in town - it was yummy! Even Hudson who wasn't feeling too great liked the popsicles...don't let this "too cold" look fool you! When we got home I let the littles play in Hudson's room while I picked up the disaster we like to call our Play Area. I heard silence followed by a few giggles from the little pumpkin...Uh-Oh...silence + giggles is never good. Ran & grabbed my camera (please tell me you do that too?) and walked in to find Hudson like this: He had figured out a new use for his toy drawer and he was so proud of himself. Admittedly I thought it was pretty cute too, until... Yup, he figured out that if sitting in the drawer was fun, using it like a mini stage was even better. I'm not sure how the drawer didn't give out with the stompede that followed! Of course, the little pumpkin and I didn't make it any better with our fits of laughter. I know those giggles are going to come back to haunt me, I just know it... And this new little trick gave him the extra 6 inches he needed to reach the back of the dresser top and pull down the few items that so far had been "safe" from his grasp. "Ah-Oh" is right! 100% Boy. Yes, 100% Boy.

And so even though he's broken more things around the house in his 16 months than the little pumpkin has in her 3 1/2 years...and even though some of those things have been my yellow pitcher, two of my amber goblets, my italian spigot jar...yes, even with all of the mishaps...I'm still smitten. 100% smitten with this sweet little boy that has stolen my heart.

I love you more than you'll ever know, Hudson!


Sweet P Preston said...

just wait until he realizes he can 1)use the pulls on the drawer to mountain climb and be on top the dresser or 2) until he is sitting or standing in the next drawer up. BTW, both have happened at our house. Preston has gotten really good at landing on his feet!

Jessica said...

Oh no, Julie!!! I am SOOOO NOT READY!