Friday, November 5, 2010

Donuts with Dad

I must really be a sentimental schmuck because the thought of 'Donuts with Dad' had me tearing up...maybe it was because I didn't have a good relationship with my dad growing up, who knows...but the thought of the little pumpkin getting to enjoy breakfast with her Daddy at school made my heart swell with joy.

I tried to get a good picture as they were leaving but 7:15am is mighty early to get big smiles out of these two! Grace was squinting from the sun and Lance...well, he's not that much into pictures, ha!...but sweet all the same :) I sent my camera with Lance but *somehow* it came back with no pictures :( He said Mrs. Bryan took several with her camera so I'll have to get some copies from her.

I love all the sweet things Grace's teachers are always doing with them, like this fill in the blank Daddy questionnaire: The kids also made frames for their daddies..."Dad, you're out of this world!" I know this sweet pencil cup will find a very special place in Lance's office on Monday: But my most favorite hands down is this sweet portrait Grace painted of her Daddy!!! LOVE it! Here's to many more 'Donuts with Dad' kind of days!!

Thank you for being the BEST daddy in the world, Lance!

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Amber said...

I just love dad and daughter moments :) warms my heart! I love that Grace thinks her daddy looks like a movie sweet!