Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cookie Party {2010}

Any excuse to have the girls over for some uninterrupted girltalk, right? So yesterday, six of my dearest friends came over under the guise of a Cookie Exchange to laugh and talk and catch up and enjoy each other's company.{Click collage to enlarge}

This was no ordinary cookie swap, mind strict rules about homemade cookies or recipe sharing...the only rule: wear your favorite apron! The fun invitation is by Jess of Party Box Design - check her out, she's WONDERFUL to work with!
The day before the Cookie Party I attended an Alumnae Tea for my sorority and had the pleasure of sitting next to some of the older alumnae. I love hearing their stories of when they were in college, their socials, their beaus and their courting rituals. Somehow we got on the subject of cookie swaps and when I told them about my no-rules cookie party they seriously gasped at the thought of bakery cookies - the shame! They quickly pointed out to me Rule #1 (Homemade Cookies) which apparently ran as part of a story in the paper last week. I told them that what I lacked in homemade cookies I made up by setting a pretty table {with lots of pink *wink*} and making some yummy brownies and it seemed to calm them down a bit, he he he. Pretty girls in their aprons! Aleesa, Bridgette, Heidi (back row) and Cori, Segi, Michelle (front row)
Missed you girlies that couldn't be here! :(

One of the good things about being true to your taste and living surrounded by what you love is that you can quickly grab things from different rooms and somehow make it all work. I took this sweet little tinsel tree from Hudson's room and my favorite red polka dot valise from Grace's room and voila...a sweet little centerpiece emerged. I raided Grace's play kitchen for some fun little props like the mini rolling pin and repurposed some fun favor toppers as table cards to add some pink to my favorite red/aqua blue color scheme. Remember the cute little jars from my Pink PreK Party??? They had a little do-over too and I think they look pretty cute filled with robin's egg blue m&m's and white chocolate baker's chips. Bakery or not, I think my tree cookies turned out pretty cute! My party planning motto...stick to what you know best and get help with the rest! I searched high and low for some inexpensive containers beyond traditional baker's boxes for my girlfriends to take their cookies home and kept coming up empty handed. Finally, inspiration hit as I wandered the birthday aisle at Hobby Lobby one day...disposable cardboard food trays from their Circus Birthday Party line...Perfect! A little pink crinkle paper and some pretty ribbon and tags and voila! So cute empty...even better filled to the rim! Speaking of tags...check out these sweet little tags courtesy of One Charming Party. Have you seen Sara & Brittany's Baking Party??? Oh my! Swoon! Check it out right HERE. I'm in love with their cupcake flower chef hats and the sweet cupcake liner garland...but decided to save those adorable ideas for another fun party in the not so distant future ;)

Cookie jars personalized with a sweet sentiment {printable courtesy of One Charming Party} made perfect party favors. Sweet little vignettes were tucked into every corner for a fun, cohesive look. After enjoying a light lunch of Chicken Salad Croissants, Quiche Lorraine, Fresh Fruit, assorted Antipasto, Petit Fours and Brownies, it was time to check out those cookies! The little pumpkin and Hudson LOVED these Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies made by my friend Aleesa. They devoured two of them as soon as they got home! These little paper bags by The Sugar Diva were perfect for keeping gooey varieties safely tucked inside. Aaah, the Snowman Cookie Jar! Yes, a little mishap by way of an unfortunate crash as I juggled kids and cookie jars out of the car one day left me minus one cookie jar party favor. When I went back to the store, they didn't have any more swirly twirly cookie jars, so I went for the Snowman Cookie Jar with the cute hat lid. I let the girls pick and luckily my friend Bridgette liked him and didn't mind having a one-of-a-kind party favor :) Thankful for the no-rules cookie swap...otherwise we would have missed out on Segi's delicious Peppermint Bark. Yum! Goodies galore! Of course, no party is complete without a signature drink...enter Ice Cream Coffee Punch made by my friend Michelle from her friend Aspen's recipe...DELICIOUS!
{recipe coming soon} Loved the treats......but loved spending time with these girls even more! So what are you waiting for??? Grab your closest girlfriends and host your very own Cookie Party!Just rules, well except maybe WEAR A CUTE APRON.
Thanks for stopping by!


Party Box Design said...

OMG I LOVE each and every detail!!!!

LOVE, beyond love!

Amber said...

What a FUN party!!! Of course, I love every little detail you included!!! I wish I had girlsfriends that live close so we could have a cookie party as well! Guess that better be added to my list for the new year :)

jen said...

Love It!!! Every detail is just too cute. I have been to a cookie swap before but nothing like this one! Maybe next year I will have to host one. I'll have to take some of your ideas.

Brandi said...

You have the cutest parties!!!! So cute!!!

Amy said...

How fun...and so fabulously girly!

coolkids said...

That is a cookie swap I want to be invited to! GREAT job Jess! You make it look so easy!

The Hills said...

LOVE everything about it!! I've never hosted or even been to a cookie party. But after seeing your amazing decor(love all your colors and style!) I think I might have to step up to the plate and host something fun like this!! (and borrow some of your ideas!)Thanks for sharing your fun girls night!:)

Sadaf Trimarchi said...

What a great idea! Love, love, love the "no rules," and the details were all gorgeous!! It must have been such a fun party to attend!! Been to cookie swaps before, and I hate to say it, but the stress of baking just one more thing in the busy holiday season can kind of be a downer.

You got it right - the point is hanging out with friends, not slaving away in the kitchen. (Although, from the amount of work you put into hosting, I'd say you did a fair amount of work yourself!!)

Ashley B-Janke said...

What a great idea! i love it!!

The England Family said...

I want to be one of your friends AND live close by you too! All so I can say I know you AND that I was able to attend one of your amazing parties. BEAUTIFUL! Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

kelli said...

Another beautiful party! I love all the aprons. You have given me some ideas for next year!!

Spears said...

Wow! How in the world do you have the energy? :) The charm is in the details! And I LOVE the motto...stick to what you know best, and get help with the rest!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

So impressed! Lots of ideas to steal for my party next week! Thanks!!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!! I loved getting the chance to visit with my girlfriends in the busy month of December...and the uninterrupted conversations: PRICELESS! :)

mom22 said...

This is amazing!!!! I love the use of the containers from Hobby Lobby. I may have to steal that for our gingerbread party next year.
Following you from:

Sweet Lily and Cullen too! said...

I want to paint my dining room/living room a soft blue color, what color are your walls? I LOVE that blue!

Jessica said...

Timeless Day by Sherwin Williams! It is a blueish-greenish-grayish color :)

Sweet Lily and Cullen too! said...

Thank you!

queenbeemama said...

I'm hosting my 1st ever Christmas cookie baking party the day after Black Friday (which is our annual shopping trip)for my daughters, mom, sister, nieces, my sister's MIL & SIL. So excited to have found your blog with all these great ideas. Did you post the recipe for the punch recipe?

The Creative Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica said...

Ooops! I'd forgotten to post the punch recipe!!!

Here it is now:


Queen of Good Intentions said...

This just got me thinking.... my oldest has been invited to a cookie party with the same group of 8 friends for the last 7 year- such great memories. They wear the same matching red check aprons every year- yep, adorable picts! I think they are just about to get too big for the child size aprons- and I would love to start a tradition for my littlest, 4 yrs. Time to start the hunt for cute aprons. I love your colors!! I will be stealing your ideas for a cookie party for my littlest. Wish we lived close and I could invite Grace!

Momma On The Run said...

Where did you get the cute cookie jars?

Jessica said...

Hobby Lobby!

Art By ASM said...

Beautiful!!!! You've inspired me and I love the no rules!!!!

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