Friday, December 10, 2010

coming home

Every day after school when the little pumpkin and I are pulling up to our house, we are greeted like this: Hudson is so excited to see his big sis and Grace just loves to see him coming toward her! They give each other the best hugs! Love those two! Grace was so excited to tell me about the gingerbread men {"gingerbread boys, mama, not MEN!"} they baked at school today. Seems right after they baked them, they just ran away from the pan!!! The littles in her class had the best time running all around the school looking for them. The gingerbread men left notes and clues for them, like flour footprints, everywhere! They even turned the chairs in one of the classrooms upside down as they ran away, leaving a teacher covered in flour as she tried to catch them.After running all around and growing tired they decided to give up looking for the gingerbread men and just go back to their classroom for a snack. When they arrived in their classroom, they were surprised to find the gingerbread men tied with yarn to their pan! They found one last note that read, "Run, run, as fast as you can. You DID catch me - the gingerbread man!"SO.STINKIN'.CUTE!!!
Kudos to Mrs. Bryan and
Mrs. Peterson for all their creativity!
To hear the little pumpkin tell the story was the BEST! She was so into it and had me laughing so loud with her descriptions...she's a character, I tell ya!
Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson gave the students sweet Christmas presents today. Grace was so excited to open an early Christmas present..."it's from my TEACHERS, mama!!!" A Snowman, mama!!! And a new BOOK!!! Check this out, mama!! It kinda looks like Rudolph, Grace! Your favorite!
No, it's not Rudolph...look at his nose right here,'s not red. It can't be Rudolph.
Check out these sunglasses!!
They're SO silly, mama!!!
I LOVE THEM! ha ha ha ha ha
But when she found this little ducky at the bottom of the bag she got so quiet and sentimental...Mama, they (Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Peterson) got this specially for me. A gingerbread duck (mama holds back laughter). It's for my collection (yes, 13 ducks in the bathtub and counting!). They knew I loved duckies and they got this just for me. I love this duck (gives duck a hug). Thank you Mrs. Bryan &
Mrs. Peterson for all the fun goodies!

Grace loved EVERYTHING!
Most importantly, thank you for making learning so much! It means the world to Lance and I to know Grace has such loving and caring teachers.
Merry Christmas!


Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Ok, I officially want to send Emme Claire to this preschool when she is 3! lol! The do such a good job!

Jessica said...

he he he Amy!! Yes, they do! We feel blessed to have found it!

Unknown said...

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