Sunday, December 5, 2010


Grace is a huge Pinkalicious fan... what little girl isn't?! So when our dear friends Cori & Amelia invited us to go see a local production of Pinkalicious and attend the sweet Cupcake Pre-Party, we were in Pink Heaven! Ready to go and sooooo excited!
We even had to bring our copy of the book! Out of the 3 main books in the series, Goldilicious is her current favorite. She loooooves that unicorn! She's even told me recently she wants a Pinkalicious - Hello Kitty - Unicorn birthday party......and she wants to dress up like this: Time for the Cupcake Party!

After a fun reading of the book, all the sweet {+ eager!} little girls had a chance to meet Pinkalicious! And her brother Peter too!! Time for a little choreography! Check out those moves! And of course who can forget the gorgeous cupcakes!! Yummy! The play was so cute and the girls loved it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Cori & Amelia for inviting us!! We had a PiNKeRIffiC time!


coolkids said...

I LOVE LOVE pinkalicious! Did you know they now have silverlicious?
The play is going on in chicago. I want to take my daughter. Fun! We have her skirt but in pink.:)

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Yum! Now I'm craving a cupcake!
Where did you find that cute little Christmas tree? I love it! I've been looking for a cute small tree but haven't found anything I really like yet.

Unknown said...

How sweet! We saw the show in NY over the summer, and the kids had a great time!


Jessica said...

Wasn't the show so cute???!!! Love it!

Amy~ I found that little tree at Hobby Lobby about 4 years ago! LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH and wish I would have bought it in the other colors they had then :(

Jessica said...

Betsy~ I had NO IDEA they had 'silverlicious'!!! Will have to check it out!

Love Pinkalicious & Goldilicious but don't care too much for Purplelicious :)

Unknown said...

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