Saturday, January 1, 2011

7 happy things {bunny shirt preview!}

Other than a little someone's busted lip, 2011 is off to a great start!

1. We spent a lazy day at home and enjoyed a fast & easy dinner - chicken & scalloped potatoes casserole and Sister Schubert rolls - yum!2. Then topped it off with chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting decorated by the little pumpkin ;) 3. I've been enjoying looking back through pictures...Noonie gave me such a sweet & thoughtful gift for Christmas - our blog in a book, year 2008!!! I've been wanting to get it printed for some time now, but just never seemed to get around to it - something always got in the way. THANK YOU, MOM!

One of my favorite quotes in the dedication, first spotted while reading one of my fave blogs Clover Lane... So true, isn't it?

I love having our family's memories recorded for posterity. Looking at this page of when we first found out our Hudson was on the way, I can hardly believe how tiny Grace was! My, how time flies.
4. In a mad dash to not let the new year greet me with chaos, a few days ago I decided to clean out the fridge, which led to organizing our pantry, which then led to organizing my baking supply closet. Why is it that cleaning out the kitchen always makes you feel like the house is in order?? Maybe just me?

Anyhow, while tossing out old baking stuff, I stumbled upon a package of pink bunny Peeps from last Easter. They were hard as a rock. But still, cute as ever! I didn't take a picture, but they looked like this:
which got the wheels turning in my head and soon I came up with this: Yes, I even borrowed the little pumpkin's favorite unicorn pencil for my sketch...and let's just say thank goodness they don't keep Candy Cane Kisses in stock year round :O

I had all the supplies on hand so it went really fast and soon I had this!
On Monday, I'm taking them to get monogrammed. Can't wait to see them with the littles' names, sort of like this: I love how they turned out and can't wait to see Grace & Hudson wearing them this Spring! 5. Speaking of bunnies and's no secret that I love celebrating and planning for Easter. When I spotted this sweet little Mouse House on the sale pages at PBK, I knew it would make a sweet addition to the little pumpkin's Easter basket. Isn't it cute?! 6. I love one-of-a-kind jewelry, especially when it has a vintage vibe to it, so I was super excited when I stumbled upon Alona Freeman's etsy shop and found this sweet necklace, which thanks to a Christmas gift card I'll be sporting this Easter :) 7. A recent trip to Kohl's in search of more circus ornaments for Hudson's tree - clearanced at $1.24, score! - led me to this sweet valentine tee for the little pumpkin, which was on sale for 50% off! Yay! She's in love with kitties these days and I love that it has pink, red, and aqua - win, win! And speaking of Valentine's Day, have you seen these? LOVE 'EM! All of them! Now if only the PBK fairy would visit my house and magically leave these by my front door...he, he, he.

Happy New Year!


Louley's Belles said...

First of all, you are THE BEST finder EVER! I love that necklace you found and I am so glad you posted about the blog book. I really wanted to do that. Your blog is always one of my VERy FAVES to look at! Happy New Year!!!

Sandi said...

You are so creative. What company did you use to print your blog. This is my first time to print and I don't know which is best. Happy New Year!

Cricket said...

I love everything about your blog and what you put in it! It is awesome and interesting and Hudson and Grace have the cutest clothing EVER!!! I have appliqued a little bit--but what do you use to keep it so smooth looking when you zigzag, if you don't mind me asking? the peeps shirts!

Kelli said...

I now may have to take a trip to the mall and make a visit to PBK I LOVE the vintage looking Valetine's Day stuff!!
I feel the same way about cleaning out the kitchen. I think it is because that is the room I spend the most time in.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog and check it out every day. I'm new to blogs and I'm intrigued now by yours and a few others. Yours is so inspiring! How do you make your t-shirts. I have NO experience, but all those that you make are so DARLING! Can you point in in the right direction as to where to even begin?

Amber said...

EEEkkkk where do I start?!?!? Love the gift your mom gave you. What a nice thing to keepo and cherish! Love all the fun Valentine's Day finds. Love the cute shirt from Kohl's (might be making a trip there now....hehe). We were just there last night and Reese found a Lion ornament from the circus line that she "needed". I thought of you and Hudson adn hoped you were about get soem more for 75% off! Love love love the bunny applique shirts! Can't wait to see the little's modeling them! Love the necklace too...swoon!

Ashley said...

The bunny shirts are perfect! I love the simple and sweet design. Which blog book website did your mom use? I have done some research but have no referrals.

Ashley said...

Oh I just LOVE spring and valentines!! Thanks for the fun pictures! Those shirts are GREAT!;)Where was the blog book printed??

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments!

Here's the nitty gritty on the blog book:

It was printed through blog2print. Here's the link:

Books start at $15. Mine was hardcover, 290 pages (138 posts in Year 2008) for right at $100 (free ship + 15% off coupon). It includes a table of contents, pictures on the front and back cover, a dedication, print on the spine, and all the posts for the year, including comments in sequential order. The pictures are small compared to other sites that print blog books, like blurb, etc. but I wanted the entire year in one book and the layout process with blog2print was reaaaally easy and straightforward compared to other sites.

Very pleased with how it turned out!

Jessica said...

And about the shirts...

Thank you guys so much for the comment love! I really like how they turned out and can't wait for my littles to wear them!

Here's a mini tutorial I wrote on how I make my applique shirts:

I hand sketch my designs so nothing fancy there and I use Steam-A-Seam (find it at any fabric store) to bond the applique to the t-shirt. Because I hand stitch all the way around using embroidery floss, I don't use a stabilizer for the back like you would need if zig zagging on a machine.

My friend Angel of TaDa Creations wrote a great tutorial on appliques using a sewing machine for the final trim. Here's a link:

Have fun!

TaDa! Creations said...

This post was so full of yummy things, I'm still thinking about it all. But that blog book is just beautiful! Your mom is so sweet to do that for you. A good reminder to make one myself too.

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