Tuesday, January 11, 2011

spring forecast: looking good!

Never a big fan of the whole matchy matchy from head to toe {okay except for brother/sister smocked sets - just can't help myself!} I've been a bit disappointed at the Gymboree collections lately. But that's all about to change. FINALLY! A gymbo collection worth pulling out those coupons (Parents - Feb - 20% off) and taking a peek at! Lots of cute stuff and I LOVE those sweet robin's egg blue sandals!

The shirtdresses are so cute too!
And completely unrelated but equally adorable:Yes, I'm crazy about ties for little guys! All from Petite Peanut on etsy. Find them HERE. Which one is your favorite?

And talking about spring + fashion... Come back tomorrow for a super fun GIVEAWAY! You won't want to miss this one!


Amber said...

ooohhh...I missed this new line!!! Guess my gymbo bucks might be put to use...I have 3 of them I think (got to love mom and MIL for coupons from there Christmas shopping trips!) Reese will definately be sporting some cute strawberry goodies!!!

Cori said...

Abe loves ties! He's addicted. Had to go out the other day in a Star Wars tee, tie, and his "rubber boots." I had to draw the line at the backward jeans!
I too have been disappointed in Gymboree lately. I do love Janie and Jack. Same company I think, but I love the French inspiration of the little girls clothing there.

Cori said...
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Amy Hightower Murphy said...

Oh I love that Gymboree stuff you posted. I'll have to go look at in on the site. Those shirt dresses are uber cute! And I too have been disappointed with there recent collections. Maybe they are having a comeback! :)
Janie and Jack clothes are OH SO CUTE! There is a store here in The Woodlands that I frequent! I get a lot of my daughters "special" outfits there. Like for photo session or holidays.

Kelli said...

Love Love Love the new Gymboree line. I have always liked their summer/spring line more than the fall/winter.