Wednesday, January 19, 2011

this and that {fun stuff too!}

My TO DO list feels like it's a mile long these days, yet here I am taking a little lunch break to jot down some random stuff that's on my mind. Why is it that the "want to's" all get done and the "have to's" seem to never disappear???

1. Homework. The little pumpkin begs for homework. Yes, really. {I know...give her another few years and it might be a different story} She's sad when she has none. I had to make up homework over the Christmas holiday. She especially likes it when it involves fun stuff like a night scavenger hunt focusing on using the senses.2. Dentist. Yay for another great visit for the little pumpkin! No cavities - woo hoo! You may recall we didn't start off with such a positive experience (see HERE), but a switch in doctors made all the difference. Lesson learned = stick up for what you believe in... especially where your kids are concerned.

Big, show-me-your-sparkly-teeth smile after today's visit - yay! 3. Chipotle. Yes, we're jumping right from 'dentist' to 'food'. HA!
I ♥ Chipotle. In fact, I wish I was eating a burrito bowl right now! I blame THIS post from Meg. Yum!

4. French fries. Yes, I'm hungry. Sorry for all the food talk! Have you tried Wendy's new natural cut, sea salt fries?
Not sure how long they've been out, but I had some the other day. Soooo good. Yea, definitely not on my diet. Want to try some? Click HERE to get a coupon for free value size fries.

5. Valentine's Day. I looooove vintage valentine's day cards. I have my friend Michelle to thank for that. friends Angel & Amy have the cutest little v-day tees for sale.
Just $15 (+$2.50 shipping)! Order yours right HERE! Hurry they're selling fast!

6. Soon. Exciting things are happening around here!
More soon!

7. Party Favors. March 12th is just right around the corner and I need help from all you creative folks out there! What's a fun party favor that ties in with our Atlantic City Boardwalk theme???

8. Giveaway. Who doesn't love a fun giveaway, right??? Stay tuned for a fun new giveaway coming really soon! Like lickety split soon. :)
Is the suspense killing ya yet? :)


Unknown said...

I've never been to Atlantic City but these are the party favors that pop into my head...

Mini Tin "sand" buckets (I think I just saw them in the dollar bin at Target) with a bag of salt water taffy?

Amber said...

Love Chipotle too. We finally got one here a few months ago...and yuse I have visited a lot already :) I too like the new Wendy's fries so much better...yum! SO wish the sweet Valentine's tee came smaller! I LOVE the little lamb!!! OK that is a lot of love :) Let me think about the party favors. Oh and the dress with the adorable embroidered apron...LOVE :)

The Hills said...

My sister just did a carnival themed bday party for my nephew's 2nd bday! It was so cute, and fun! She rented a cotton candy machine and borrowed a small pop-corn maker from a friend! You could always send the kids home with a bag of cotton candy!! Or you could get cute shirts made as "souvenir shirts" with a cute phrase or picture on it! I can not wait to see how all this turns out, I love all the cute stuff you come up with!! Good luck, and I'm sure you'll think of something, you always do!! ;)

TaDa! Creations said...

I was thinking cotton candy too, but also love the sand bucket and taffy idea. I'll let you know if anything else pops into my head.

Thanks for the Valentine tee love!

Enough with the food! Amy sent me an e-mail saying "I can't stop thinking about those fries!" and I had David pick up Wendy's tonight too. LOL Bet you didn't know you had that kind of impact. hehe

Ms.Carson said...

I think of leaving a carnival with cotton candy, those big fun lolly pops, and taffy and maybe one of those brightly coloured stuffed toys that your "boyfriend" would win you at ring toss or some fun game
: )
And the suspense about your give away is "killing" me : )

mstawnya said...

Have you seen this sweet cotton candy garland?

Also, I think those silly fortune telling fish would be super cute in a favor bag (although I love the sand pail idea).

Ashley said...

Looking froward to the giveaway and I LOVE Chipoltle! Burrito Bowls are the best!

Kelli said...

So many great ideas! I love the sand bucket with taffy in it. I also really like the idea of a cotton candy machine. You could put cotton candy in ice cream cone to make it look like a real ice cream cone. I can not wait to see what you come up with!

Louley's Belles said...

I don't know about favors, but wouldn't a photo booth be cute and send home the little party pics. Funnel Cakes! Helium Balloons and giant stuffed animals. Those are things I think of. Gonna be a cute party, I know it.

Sweet P Preston said...
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Sweet P Preston said...

had to remove the other post, sorry! Love the photo booth pic idea, and what about candy apples (and we all know that you can make those!)

nic said...

i'm pretty sure you should not have introduced me to those fries. they look like heaven, deep-fried and salted.

ps can't wait to hear more about lulu&co! very exciting!!

Jessica said...

Thank you all so much - you guys are great and so creative!!

LOVE the sand bucket idea, Julie! I think I'm going to do the big plastic ones (now, why did I not buy them when they had THE perfect pink/aqua blue/yellow color combination at Michael's on clearance this past year????) and add a fun little twist to it =)

Salt water taffy, cotton candy, giant lollies, photo booth, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff will definitely play a role - SO EXCITED!!!

And Tawnya - the garland has been added to my TO DO list! Oh, and those quirky fish...just you wait and see what I'm doing with them! he, he, he

Nic~ I'm beyond thrilled about Lulu & Co.! More soon!

You guys - keep the ideas coming!! I LOVE THEM!

E Truitt said...

What about cotton candy colored hula hoops for the kids to play with on the "boardwalk"? I also think the sand bucket idea is really cute.
I love your blog by the way! You sure are creative! We are doing a carnival theme party in June when are little girl turns 3, so I love seeing all your ideas. So cute!