Saturday, January 29, 2011

New winner! Is it you?

What a difference a day makes! Today was such a fun day. Of course gorgeous blue skies and sunny 65° weather makes everything better!

A little preview of things to come...
So, so, so FUN!Can't wait for the little pumpkin's birthday!!!

In other news...

I'm sad to say we never heard back from our original
Nelle's giveaway winner, so we've drawn again and the new winner is...............................Comment #169, Karinny who said:

I am already a follower here!

January 23, 2011 5:45 p.m.
Karinny! Be sure to claim your prize by leaving us a comment on this post within the next 48 hours!

Hope all of you are having a FAB weekend!


Karinny said...

So excited! This is the first time I win something and I'm so happy it's form your blog. I am pregnant and your blog and Kellyskorner are my favorites. Thank you so !

Jessica said...

Yay, Karinny!!!! Please email me

so I can give your information to Ellen for your dress!

CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!!!!!

Amber said...

Love the little dress the pumpkin is wearing...and love Nexty too :)

Ms.Carson said...

Hi, I was at Disney and couldn't check any of my favorite blogs while I was away.

I have never won anything on a blog.

Oh well, the family vacation away was worth it.

Sorry to have kept you waiting.... : (

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm sorry you missed it too :( but what a fabulous reason: Disney!!!

I tried to contact you via your blog profile, but there was no email and no posts to leave a comment. I even asked Ellen (the designer behind Nelle's) to send you an fb message, but when neither of us heard back after another couple of days, we had no choice but to pick an alternate winner.

I hope you'll continue to check things out and enter future contests (yes, they'll be more!).


Kelli said...

Love the little pumpkins outfit!

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