Monday, January 10, 2011

let the pink explosion begin!

Baby, it's cold outside! Yes, it's official, we're having a SNOW DAY! School was cancelled yesterday and we're ready to build a snowman. But wait. There's no accumulation outside, not even an inch in my backyard!

To my northern friends...yes, just the forecast of possible snow and inclement weather is enough to call school off here in the South. he he he
I guess we all like to play hookie! But to show some respect...there are lots of bridges that get very icy and unsafe rather quickly.

Okay moving on...Valentine's Day is right around the corner and what better excuse than that to let the pink explosion begin! I pink.

The mantle got a quick makeover with things I already had around the house.
What do you think about my cupcake liner wreath? Not bad for a $3 project, right?

I was looking through one of my favorite blogs,
Tatertots and Jello, looking for a different project, when I spotted Jen's whimsical valentine wreath tutorial. Bingo!

I had a 10" foam wreath from the dollar store sitting in my craft cabinet and a packet of v-day cupcake liners purchased on clearance last year, so at 1:30 am Friday night - ehh, make that Saturday morning - I decided my mantle needed a cupcake wreath.
Half an hour later I had that crinkly little lovely up there.

And what's with the 3 heart liners on the right, you're wondering??? Why that's what happens when you run out of cupcake liners with a third of your wreath to go!

And no, its not your eyes, the bottom is fuller than the left side. As I worked my way up I realized I was going to run out of liners and quickly got rather frugal with my liners. *blush*
Next time I'll be sure to pay more attention to the quantity of liners in Jen's directions for that full, carnation-like effect of her wreath.

But all in all, I like how it turned out and first thing the little pumpkin said to me when she woke up Saturday morning was this:
"Mama, I loooooove your decorations.
They are BE-AU-TI-FUL!" And that's enough for me!

So what do you think about my wooden blocks display?
Yes, my kids' toys are fair game when it comes to decorating the house!
he he he

They never - I mean NEVER - play with those. Of course, the moment I put them in my hurricanes, the pleading started..."but maaa-maaa, now I'll never be able to play with my favorite blocks". Oy!
Don't worry little'll get your blocks just 5 short weeks. *wink*


Louley's Belles said...

You make me smile!!!! LOVE the block idea. That is just too cute. You know, I am ashamed to admit that I never decorate for Valentines at my house. Not sure why that is.......oh well. You always have the cutest mantle!

Unknown said...

LOOOVE every detail... you are so fun!

Amy said...

I have been giggling about your "snow day" all day today as I look out my window... it is another snowy day in MN.

Kelli said...

LOVE the wreath!! What a cute ideas and you can use it for other holidays as well. I always have cupcake lines left over. I may have to give this a try....not sure if it will look as cute as your though.:)

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys! I was worried people would think I had gone over the edge with my cupcake liner wreath! You never quite know with those "middle of the night" projects =)

Amy~ I thought about you guys all day!!! We never did get snow, but we enjoyed our "snow day" all the same! he he he
(don't think I could survive one of your winters!) Now, your fall...LOVE! I'd love to move there just for that season!

LHorton said...

WHERE did you get the pink blocks! I NEED them! This would be great for a baby shower!! Please help! I have searched EVERYWHERE!!!

Jessica said...

I purchased the blocks at my local Target! They are Target's own Circo brand and came in pastel (the pink ones I bought) and primary (red/blue/yellow/green). Hope that helps! :)

Unknown said...

Jessica, I love the blocks in the glass jar on the mantle. Brilliant! I have been looking for a jar like that one. Where, might I ask, did you get that one?