Friday, January 7, 2011

one week down!

Whew, we're finally starting to get back into our school routine! Man, those 2 weeks off sure did a number on us all. Sure wish school started around say....9:30 a.m. - HA!

The little pumpkin came home this week with the cutest little calendar. All the kids in her class drew their picture on the cover...
... and then each kid had a month. Grace's was August with a back-to-school theme. Isn't that the sweetest little school bus ever? he he he
June and December had class drawings since there are 10 kids in her class. I didn't take a picture of December, but it's the cutest Christmas tree made out of all their fingerprints. Hmmm...I'm thinking that would make a cute Christmas ornament for the grandparents next year!

We're only 7 days into the new year and so far this little monkey has had a huge bloody busted lip (climbed on the computer chair & fell down) and broken our art easel. This was taken just moments before the huge THUD followed by a piercing cry that had me sprinting into the other room expecting the worst.
Thank goodness he was okay! The easel didn't fall on him, it just scared him. I'm guessing he pushed it and it fell over, splitting one of the wooden legs in half. We love that thing. I'm hoping it can be fixed....
Papa J...Heeeeelp!

And so far the bento experiment has been going really well. Yay Yay Yay! Now, even before this week I used to do some of the cutting into cute little shapes and what not, but since Monday I've been letting Grace help me pick out what goes into her lunchbox and it's made a huge diffference. So simple, who knew?!
THANK YOU to everyone who shared lunch ideas with me through comments and emails. I really, really, REALLY appreciate it! I think we're finally out of the lunch rut and even snack time has been re-energized with the muffin pan suggestions ;)

One last thing...if you think you may want to make Alphabet Flowers (see HERE) for back-to-school in the Fall or for teacher appreciation in the Spring, now is the time to buy the alphabet magnets!! They're on sale for $1 in the Target value section. They have numbers too {...math teachers}!Coming this week...A GIVEAWAY from a fun, new etsy boutique!!!
Stay tuned!


Amber said...

Yay for smoother lunches. Love the polka dot shirt :)

Louley's Belles said...

I am loving that Calendar idea! Thanks for the tip on the magnetics. I had an idea for a st. Jude auction donation that needs those. Cant wait to see you give a away.

Jessica said...

It's going to be a FUN giveaway!!! Probably the end of this week!