Thursday, January 27, 2011

preschool zoo, french schoolgirl, & monkey business!

This week has been Zoo Week at the little pumpkin's preschool. The kids were asked to bring a zoo animal to school so they could create their very own Preschool Zoo. Here are all the animals lined up, guess which one is Grace's... Yup, Geoffrey the Giraffe has been at school all week! So cute that she picked him because Geoffrey was the stuffed animal Noonie gave Grace on her first day of Mother's Day Out back in 2008! Ahhh...sweet memories...I LOVE preschool art. Check out these sweet drawings... I think we'll call this one Grace's wacky zebra. Love all those crazy stripes all over the place! This morning the little pumpkin picked out this sweet hat to wear with her dress. I thought she looked like such the little french schoolgirl... tried to take her picture but this is what I got - still, so cute! Hudson was looking like such a big boy, I tried to take his picture too, but got this: Tried luck. One second later he was doing this:Yes, he'd much rather spend his time swinging like a monkey than posing for pictures.Finally, little french schoolgirl flashed me a smile. And I'm so glad I still had the camera out to capture this sweet moment... By the time we made it to the field trip, the hat was off. And yes, I had a bow...just in case. I know my girl!

Here she is with one of her sweet friends, Kennedy. Love those two! And I L-O-V-E elementary school plays!!! These third graders made the cutest ocean fish. Check out that octopus! What a day! What a week! I'm ready for the weekend...

Oh, and LAST CALL FOR MS. CARSON, our Nelle's giveaway winner. Hope we hear from you by tomorrow or we'll have to draw another winner!


Anonymous said...

Such cuties! Hudson really looks like Grace when she was little, time flys!

Louley's Belles said...

Love the preschool ZOO and the art wall! That Zebra is priceless!!!

Kelli said...

LOVE the zebra picture!!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

It would take me 100 words to tell you why I love your blog so much! I hope you don't think I am totally crazy to send you long comments... I just really relate! I stumbled on this party and thought of you... I know you already have tons of ideas but just couldn't help passing it along... I am excited to see your real party!

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