Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's almost march!!!

March is one of my favorite months...not just because it's the little pumpkin's birthday...and mine...and Noonie & Papa J's anniversary...but because it officially marks the beginning of SPRING!

So with temps climbing to the mid 70s today, we pulled out the first of the bunny outfits and headed to church in full spring wishin' splendor! Lance had to go out of town for work so Noonie & Papa J joined the littles and I for mass and treated us to lunch. Thank you! {he he he...I think Grace's wish from yesterday must have come true because she loves Jason's Deli and we had lunch there, right at that same strip mall from yesterday}

But first...

An early birthday present from Papa J...hmm, what could it be??
So super excited for her very own hopscotch garden stones! THANK YOU Papa J!...and here's to hoping that get well card does the trick and your stitched up thumb gets to feeling better really, really soon! Grace wasted no time checking it out! Papa J researched how the original hopscotch went and so there you have it...12345678910 Heaven! Of course, Hudson had to get a turn too! This is fun, Papa J! Emerson & Marshall...sure wish you guys were closer so you could come play with us today! Marshall~ happy Feb. 29th birthday!!! ~3 fast! We love you!!!

And then after church & lunch...guess where we headed? To make more penny wishes, of course! The belly laughs from the little pumpkin begging Papa J to pretend to throw her in the water were the sweetest sound ever! A little someone volunteered to carry Noonie's purse, wind kicking and all...Hmmm...wonder why?
He, he, he...she is a great little shopping sidekick!
Especially thankful today for loving parents and for the littles having all of their grandparents close by so that they can grow up enjoying that special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Hope you had a blessed Sunday!


Virginia said...

We had a wonderful time too !
Just being around little ones makes you feel younger and puts "a pep in your step"!
We love you lots!
Noonie and Papa J

Kelli said...

Love the hopscotch! What a great idea to put it on garden stones! Cute dress as well.

Lori Beth said...

Great idea for Hopscotch!

Meandmyboys said...

Thank you for the love and birthday wishes for Marshall! As I was reading your post, I couldn't help but think about how big your kiddos are getting and how we must get together again before they are all driving :)

Jessica said...

Yes, Heather, come visit us!!! :) he he he

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