Saturday, February 26, 2011

weekend finds

Super sweet finds this weekend...

First up, this fun little play outfit. And guess where I found it???
Give up?
The mini boden copycat shirt came from Walmart of all places!! Yes, I'm glad I stopped by the baby aisle for a sippy cup for Hudson because I spotted this fun $3.50 shirt on a nearby display. And then I found this pair of cute plaid shorts at Kohl's for $10. Add a fun bow from our collection and voila...
ice cream parlor {cheap} chic!

Then while browsing a local shop, I found this sweet pink & green apron...polka dots + ric rac = love! Best part, I had forgotten I had some $ remaining on a gift certificate until I went to pay was free! Yay me!
Of course, we couldn't leave the strip mall without our usual stop by the water fountain to make penny wishes!And to answer your sweet comments/emails, we DO have a thing for knit ruffle pants. They are just so comfy and girly and easy to mix-n-match. This particular pair was a sweet treat from my friends over at
TaDa! Creations. Thank you Angel & Amy! And yes, the little pumpkin likes to name each pair...these are her "key lime pants" ;)


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Ok you really make me want to move to the "city." I love your finds. We don't have many stores over here in the country, but we do have a Walmart. I'll have to check it out soon. LOVE the apron!! Just got a new "ice" blue mixer that it would go great with.

Lori Beth said...

Love your wal-mart find! Funny, I just bought a skirt/tshirt outfit from there and told my sister, "It's very Boden like!" Last year I found a Gymboree look-alike at kmart. Funny, but love cheap play clothes! :)

Jessica said...

Oooooh Andrea!! I've been wanting the MS robin's egg blue kitchenaid for a loooooong time!!

Lori Beth - yay for cheap cute playclothes!!!! =)

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